Is Arrow Already Casting For Ra’s al Ghul In Season 3?

Ra's al Ghul on Arrow

During a Fat Man on Batman podcast, Kevin Smith and legendary comic artist Neal Adams made some rather interesting comments in regards to the possibility of Ra’s Al Ghul appearing on the Arrow TV series. While they both seemed to be partially speculating, Adams did reveal that he has talked to the writers behind Arrow, and Smith has proven to have a lot of insight into Warner Bros. plans for DC Comics characters in the past.

Neal Adams told Kevin Smith, “There’s some rumors that Ra’s al Ghul is going to appear in Arrow.”

Smith replied, “Yeah, I’ve heard. They were casting like six months ago.”

Smith’s comment about actual casting taking place is very interesting. He does not elaborate on what his source is for this information. It could be something he just read on the Internet or something that came from one of his Warner Bros. connections.

However, some other things that Neal Adams said during the podcast seems to suggest that they both might have some more inside knowledge than the typical fan. Adams revealed he had shared some ideas with the writers of Arrow, and Smith suggested that they should have Adams write and direct an episode.

After talking about Ra’s al Ghul in Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, Adams added, “I think they could do a better Ra’s al Gul. I have a feeling they are heading for that on the Arrow TV show. Something’s going on there, and if it’s who I think it is, it’s going to be pretty exciting.”

With Smith suggesting that Arrow has already been casting the Ra's al Ghul role, and Adams hinting that he has an idea who it is going to be, it certainly sounds like the character has a good chance of popping up in Season 3 of Arrow.