Geoff Johns Confirms Captain Cold For The Flash's Fourth Episode

In a brief, special edition of DC Entertainment's YouTube series DC All Access, host Tiffany Smith pinned down DC' Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns about some of his recent comments and teases on social media, including whether fans might see a monthly series dedicated to Cyborg and when Captain Cold might show up on The Flash.

The latter, teased in the Comic Con issue of TV Guide and then reinforced with a casting announcement for Prison Break's Wentworth Miller, will turn up in the fourth episode, one that Johns co-wrote, the writer confirmed for All Access.

Johns, a longtime writer on The Flash comics, is an executive producer on the series and has been involved directly on a level that he doesn't appear to be for Arrow.

You can check out the episode of All Access below. The Flash debuts on October 7 on The CW.

More Justice Society? Will Cyborg get a solo book? Are Wonder Woman and Batman secretly in love? Explain yourself, sir! In this exclusive DC All Access clip, Tiffany asks DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns to explain some of his more mysterious recent tweets.