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Issue Title Cover Date
Believe Part 1 Of 5: Demons And Genies (Blank Cover Variant) January, 2013
Mighty Avengers Issue 1 (Blank Variant) November, 2013
The Galactus Seed 1: The Silence (Blank Variant) June, 2011
Midnight Son (Blank Variant) March, 2013
New Avengers Issue 1 (Heroic Age blank variant) August, 2010
Memento Mori (Blank Variant) March, 2013
Nova Issue 1 (Blank Variant) April, 2013
Origin II Issue 1 (Blank Variant) February, 2014
No One is Watching (Blank Sketch Variant) July, 2014
Punisher: One (Blank Variant) October, 2011
Memento Mori (Blank Cover Variant) April, 2014
A Chasing Tale Part 1 (Blank Cover Variant) September, 2014
Life After Death (Blank Variant) March, 2012
Savage Part 1 (Blank Variant) March, 2013
Savage Wolverine Issue 6 (Blank Variant) August, 2013
Wrath part one (Blank Variant) March, 2014
Budapest (Blank Variant) April, 2013
Motion (Blank Cover Variant) April, 2014
Spider-Woman Issue 1 (Blank Variant) January, 2015
Storm Issue 1 (Blank Variant) September, 2014
The Superior Foes of Spider-Man Issue 1 (Blank Variant) September, 2013
Chapter 1: Nightmare Scenario (Blank Cover Variant) January, 2015
Hero or Menace? (Blank Variant) March, 2013
Goblin Nation Part One (Blank Variant) April, 2014
A Day in Someone Else's Life (Blank Sketch Variant) September, 2013
Thanos Rising Issue 1 (Blank Variant) June, 2013
The Good Butcher, Part One Of Five A World Without Gods (Blank Variant) January, 2013
Enlisted (Blank Variant) February, 2013
No Mercy Part 1 (Blank Cover Variant) March, 2014
Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1 Issue 160 (Blank Cover Variant) August, 2011
New Union (Blank Variant) December, 2012
The Apocalypse Solution: Chapter One (Blank Cover) December, 2010
Let It Bleed (Blank Variant) March, 2013
Everything is Sinister (Blank Variant) January, 2012
The New Revolution (Blank Variant) April, 2013
Wolverine Goes To Hell, Part 1 (Blank Cover Variant) November, 2010
Back in Japan, Part 1 (Blank Variant) March, 2012
Sabretooth Reborn Chapter One: Out of the Darkness (Blank Variant) September, 2012
Hunting Season Part 1 Of 4 (Blank Variant) May, 2013
Rogue Logan Part 1 of 4 (Blank Variant) April, 2014
Welcome to the X-Men! Now Die! (Blank Variant) December, 2011
Curse of the Mutants Part One (White Cover) September, 2010
To Serve and Protect Part One (Blank Variant) March, 2011
Primer Part 1 of 3 (Blank Variant) July, 2013
First To Last Part One (Blank Variant) July, 2011
Prodigal (Blank Cover) January, 2013
X-Men: Schism Issue 1 (Blank Variant) September, 2011
Style > Substance (Blank Variant) March, 2013
War-Torn (Blank Variant Cover) January, 2015
Under Seas ("We Can Be Heroes" Blank Cover) June, 2013