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Issue Title Cover Date
The Shadow: Year One Issue 6 (Blank Authentix Cover) October, 2013
Constants (Blank Authentic Cover) April, 2014
Sanctuary (Blank Cover Variant) February, 2014
Zombies vs Robots Issue 1 (Subscription Cover) January, 2015
Ivar, Timewalker Issue 1 (Blank Variant) January, 2015
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Issue 1 (Cover RI D Hand Drawn) August, 2011
Wolverines Issue 1 (Blank Cover Variant) March, 2015
Star Trek: Khan Issue 2 (Subscription Cover) November, 2013
Imperium I: Overture (Blank Variant) March, 2015
Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive Issue 1 (Sketch Cover) December, 2014
Shaft Issue 1 (Blank Authentix Cover) December, 2014
Just Batty Over You (Blank Variant) April, 2015
Divinity Issue 1 (Blank Variant) February, 2015
The Shadow: Year One Issue 9 (Blank Aunthentix Cover) May, 2014
The Shadow: Year One Issue 10 (Blank Aunthentix Cover) September, 2014
The Shadow: Year One Issue 8 (Blank Aunthentix Cover) April, 2014
The Shadow: Year One Issue 7 (Blank Aunthentix Cover) January, 2014
Art Book 2012 (Blank Cover) December, 2012
Elephantmen (Blank Variant) September, 2003
Most Wanted? Part 1 (Blank Variant) April, 2015
Savage Dragon Vol. 1 Issue 200 (Blank Variant) December, 2014
Secret Invasion Issue 1 (Blank Convention Sketch Variant Cover) June, 2008
Masters of the Universe Preview (White Cover) September, 2002
Shi: The Art of War Tour Book Issue 1 Holiday, 1998
Zero Hour September, 1994
Among Friends and Enemies (M Do-It-Yourself variant cover) March, 1995
New Battlestar Galactica: Six Issue 1 (Blank Authentix Cover) April, 2014
Zero Year: Dark City, Part 5 (Blank Variant) May, 2014
Wunderkammer Part One of Five (Blank Variant) May, 2015
Part I (Blank Variant) May, 2015
Power Loss (Blank Variant) April, 2015
Howard the Duck Issue 1 (Blank Variant) May, 2015
Ninjak Issue 1 (Cover E: Blank Cover) March, 2015
The Meeting of the Minds (Subscription Sketch Cover) November, 2014
One Brief, Shining Moment Part 2 (Blank Variant) May, 2015
Wayward Issue 6 (Cover D) March, 2015
Rick and Morty Issue 1 (Cover I) April, 2015
The Outsiders War, Book 3: The Final Lesson (We Can Be Heroes Blank Variant) April, 2014
Jungle Girl: Season Three Issue 1 (Blank Authentix Cover) April, 2015
Masks 2 Issue 1 (Cover E) April, 2015
The Wonder and Diabolism (Blank Authentix Cover) April, 2015
Colorado (Blank Variant) April, 2015
Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International: San Diego Issue 1 (SDCC Black (Gold Logo) Cover) September, 2014
Swords of Sorrow Issue 1 (Cover E Blank Authentix) May, 2015
The End Times (Blank Cover Variant) July, 2015
Swords of Sorrow: Chaos! Prequel Issue 1 (Blank Variant) May, 2015
The Quest for Nightcrawler Part 1 (Blank Cover Variant) January, 2014
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Issue 200 (Cover RI B) March, 2014
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Issue 200 (Cover RE Yesteryear Comics Blank Exclusive) March, 2014
Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars Issue 1 (Blank Variant) July, 2015