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Issue Title Cover Date
Killowat September, 1992
Mirage September, 1992
Nightrider September, 1992
Redwing September, 1992
Mystery in Space Issue 116 February, 1981
Victims December, 1987
Millennium January, 1988
When the Earth Dies, Chapter Two: Underworlds April, 1990
Wildcard! July, 1990
Night Monsters January, 1991
The Idiot Root, Part One: The Queen of Hearts December, 1991
The Return of Scarface, Part One: Mustache Pete is Dead! March, 1992
Messenger of Zeus July, 1992
Vengeance of the Harpy July, 1992
Crash & Burn: A Love Story August, 1992
Troika, Part One: Dark Rider, Cold Warrior February, 1995
Vengeance of Bane January, 1993
Busted! December, 1993
Two Birds, One Stone September, 1994
War Toy Story December, 1996
Prescription For Tragedy August, 1980
Gomers July, 1999
The Truth About Looker, Part 3: This Envious Race! February, 1986
The Truth About Looker, Part 4: Pawn of the World Below! March, 1986
Time Won't Let Me February, 1990
No Time To Live March, 1990
Time Has Come Today April, 1990
Time Is On My Side May, 1990
Time Waits For No One July, 1990
Long Time Coming August, 1990
Time Loves a Hero September, 1990
Terrorists of the Heart! May, 1983
White Gold and Truth February, 1988
Compromising Positions January, 1984
Three Roads to Destiny March, 1978
SUPERMAN vs. SHAZAM! May, 1978
Battle Against the Super Fiends June, 1979
It's Never Too Late July, 1979
Past, Present, and Danger September, 1979
The Wonder Twins' Battle of Wits November, 1979
The Scarecrow Fights With Fear May, 1980
The Super Friends Vol. 1 Issue 29 February, 1980
The Super Friends Vol. 1 Issue 29 February, 1980
The Mystery of the Missing Monkey April, 1979
Out of Chaos! November, 1992
Judge and Jury December, 1992
The Darkening Night, Part One: Heroes Aren't Born, They're Unmade! April, 1993
The Darkening Night, Part Two: Scarlet and Crystal May, 1993
The Darkening Night, Part Three: Bloodlight June, 1993
The Darkening Night, Part Four: Sometimes A Mirage Is Real! July, 1993