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Issue Title Cover Date
DC Universe by Alan Moore TPB Holiday, 2013
DC Universe by Alan Moore TPB Holiday, 2013
Under Siege June, 1984
Companionship January, 1994
Consequences October, 1992
The Testimony of Primus October, 1985
Heart of Stone (UPC Version) August, 1984
The Worst of Both Worlds, Part 1: The Bludgeonings of Chance June, 1993
The Worst of Both Worlds, Part 2: The Belly of the Beast July, 1993
The Worst of Both Worlds, Part 3: The Armies of the Night August, 1993
The Worst of Both Worlds, Part 4: And Death Shall Have No Dominion September, 1993
The Peacekeeper, Part One June, 1993
Deceptions, Part 1: Coup D'etat May, 1993
Deceptions, Part 2 May, 1993
Deceptions, Part 3 June, 1993
Seven Seconds to Armageddon September, 1984
Beware Of Sleeping Tigorr... October, 1984
A Dead Psions November, 1984
- - The End Of The Justice League! (Newsstand Edition) Annual, 1984
Force Of Nature (Newsstand Edition) Annual, 1985
Shadows... September, 1986
The Sorceress' Apprentice! (Newsstand Edition) September, 1984
Trick Trap (Newsstand Edition) January, 1985
70MM Dreams (Newsstand Edition) April, 1985
He's No Super-Hero (Newsstand Edition) May, 1985
Hooray for Hollywood! (Newsstand Edition) June, 1985
Too Many Devils! (Newsstand Edition) July, 1985
Verner's Vanquisher! (Newsstand Edition) August, 1985
The Gary Seven Collection January, 2009
Who Is...Enigma? July, 1984
Who Is...Enigma? (Newsstand Edition) July, 1984
The Shadow War of Hawkman (Newsstand Edition) May, 1985
No Sound of Clashing Wars (Newsstand Edition) August, 1985
Hail, Kalista...Once and Future Queen! December, 1983
Heavy Metal February, 1985
The Good of the Many December, 1993
To Cross the Rubicon July, 1986
The Lesson August, 1986
The Cassandra Complex! April, 1985
How to Trap a Devil! June, 1984
Get Me Outta Here! July, 1984
Heart of Stone! August, 1984
The Sorceress' Apprentice! September, 1984
¡Viva Nebiros! October, 1984
Night on the Town November, 1984
Just Another Day in L.A. December, 1984
Trick Trap January, 1985
Shoe, Fly-- Don't Bother Me! February, 1985
Hell Hath No Furies... March, 1985
70MM Dreams April, 1985