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Issue Title Cover Date
The Stone Zombie August, 1989
Vault of Death October, 1989
Master of Snakes November, 1989
Guardian Angel December, 1989
The Treasure of Nine Continents January, 1990
Defoster September, 1989
The Longest Battle June, 1989
Bloodbath in Demon Valley October, 1988
Devilito November, 1988
Vengeance Is Mine December, 1988
The Buried Past January, 1989
The Force of Buddha's Palm August, 1988
The Force of Buddha's Palm September, 1988
Hunting February, 1989
Iron Heart April, 1989
The Golden Whip April, 1989
The Devil's Cauldron May, 1989
Snake Attack July, 1989
The Monk February, 1990
Bitter Zen June, 1990
The Mad General October, 1991
The Two Rats April, 1991
Deadly Bait November, 1991
Deadly Truth March, 1990
The Man of Shaolin April, 1990
The Gates of Floral Palace May, 1990
Resurrection July, 1990
Brothers Revealed August, 1990
Maskman of Floral Palace September, 1990
Devilito Tears October, 1990
Natural Disaster November, 1990
Behind The Mask December, 1990
The Betrayer January, 1991
Devil's Icy Fire Kung Fu February, 1991
A Clash Between Buddha and Evil March, 1991
An Unprecedented Duel May, 1991
Fraternal Crisis June, 1991
Vault of Evil July, 1991
Princess Die August, 1991
Plight of the Persian Temple September, 1991
The Will To Kill January, 1992
A Loser February, 1992
Sword of the Crane March, 1992
Persian Crisis April, 1992
Roar of Thorns May, 1992
Hero's Doomsday June, 1992
The Plot July, 1992
Subversion August, 1992
The Hero's Grave December, 1991
The Downfall of the Holy Temple September, 1992