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Issue Title Cover Date
Danny Fingeroth's Write Now! Issue 4 May, 2003


Issue Title Cover Date
The Sentinel February, 2002
Lost & Found April, 2003
Lost & Found July, 2006
This Painful Existence June, 2006
No Man's Land: The Night Foretold! September, 1999
No Man's Land: Evacuation January, 2000
Bruce Wayne: Fugitive, Part Fifteen: Confession August, 2002
Reordered October, 2002
Angels in Disguise February, 2003
No Man's Land: Jellybean Deathtrap June, 1999
No Man's Land: Step into the Light July, 1999
No Man's Land: Day of Judgement: Ghosts November, 1999
No Man's Land: Presents of Mind February, 2000
No Man's Land: Devil Down Below May, 1999
No Man's Land: Scratched Out! October, 1999
The Waters under the World November, 2004
Prophet, Part One: Cry for Atonement November, 2000
Blackout November, 2001
Kenny April, 2002
Wahoo! January, 2002
Lost and Found May, 2002
Sibling Rivalry June, 2002
The White Place January, 2003
Losses, Part Three: Fallen Angel April, 2001
Poison Road June, 2001
The Amazing Adventures of Captain Death July, 2001
Driven to Extremes August, 2001
Deadly Faux September, 2001
Azrael Works October, 2001
Hearts of Darkness September, 2004
A Cold Night's Death! October, 2004
Hearts of Steel December, 2004
There Shall Be A Beginning May, 2001
Denial July, 2002
Making Light of the Situation September, 1998
Power Struggle September, 1998
The Witness June, 2000
Prophet, Part Two: Brothers December, 2000
Losses, Part One: Homecoming February, 2001
Losses, Part Two: Accused March, 2001
A brain is a terrible thing to waste January, 2005
Rescues March, 2002
Baptism of Blood August, 2004
Inside the Atom (Variant Cover) June, 2015
Halfway to Hell! October, 2007
Bedlam Below! November, 2007
Prime Example November, 2007
Miracle Mile! November, 2007
Prophet, Part Three: Hell & Back! January, 2001
Convergence Atom Issue 2 (Variant Cover) July, 2015


Issue Title Cover Date
House on Fire, Part 2 November, 2001
The Sentinel February, 2002
Angels & Devils March, 2006
Wrath Of The Lamb April, 2006
Baby Talk June, 2002
Rush Hour December, 2002
Superman: True Brit OGN HC October, 2004
Brave New World August, 2006
Full Circle! May, 2003
Endgame November, 2002
New Boss September, 2002
Lost & Found April, 2003
Seeds of Doubt May, 2004
Fields of Gold June, 2004
Lost & Found July, 2006
Corrupt Harvest April, 2004
History Lesson February, 2002
Earth to Haven! March, 2002
The Art of the Interview! April, 2002
Nia's Story May, 2002
Love thy neighbor June, 2002
Skid Road July, 2002
Dawn To Dusk May, 1998
Payment in Blood July, 1998
Payment in Blood July, 1998
The Children of Judas, Part One: Politics in the Blood August, 1998
The Children of Judas, Part Two: Behind the Hood September, 1998
The Children of Judas, Part Three: Running Mates November, 1998
Hark December, 1998
Hark December, 1998
Hark December, 1998
Dawn To Dusk May, 1998
Dawn To Dusk May, 1998
Dawn To Dusk May, 1998
Unlife Story June, 1998
Trial... (Just because you're paranoid...) December, 2006
Relic Of War February, 2007
Hark December, 1998
A Cast of Hawks March, 2007
Weapon of Choice April, 2007
Death Hawk! May, 2007
Hark December, 1998
This Painful Existence June, 2006
Gotham in Flames! June, 2007
Syndication August, 2002
Showdown July, 2006
A Cold Light Dawns September, 2006
Small Perceptions January, 2003
Dead or Undead! September, 2007
If A Universe Ends... March, 2006