Alex Jay Artist / Colorist / Letterer

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Dirty Deal December, 1996
Bloody Mary, Part 1 October, 1996
Protector of Earth? Holiday, 1996
Seeds of Doom April, 1992
Days of Thunder Lizards November, 1991
Together Again For The First Time July, 1984
Cosmic Powers Issue 3 May, 1994
Any Color You Like October, 1997
Hammer of God: Pentathalon Issue 1 January, 1994
Heartbreakers Issue 1 April, 1996
As Above... Holiday, 1991
In the Shadow of Argo October, 1996
The Gathering October, 1994
Cant I: The Shadow Prince June, 1986
The Devil's Starry Anvil! June, 1980
Attack on the Source! October, 1995
The New Guardians September, 1988
Legion April, 1985
From Eternity to Here February, 1994
Power Play July, 1993
Will to Power Issue 1 June, 1994
Crusade August, 1988
The Origin of Cyclops September, 1996
Birth Pains June, 1996
Twentieth Century Wolf November, 1992
Book I: Last Frontier December, 1990
A Tale of the Iron Empires, Part 1 of 5 October, 1998
Held for Ransom April, 1990
When Mercy Seasons Justice June, 1988
Fever Dream May, 1988
Darktime May, 1991
Setting Up Shop June, 1986
Teräsmies June, 1998
From Out of the Green Dawn.../The Secret/The Exposure/The Super-Hero (Special Collector's Edition Variant) October, 1986
A Dream of Blood September, 1990
Codename: Spitfire July, 1987
The Making of a Sorcerer July, 2007
Code of Silence April, 1989
Echo of Futurepast Issue 1 Holiday, 1984
Bucky O'Hare Issue 1 January, 1991
Corporate Maneuvers (and leveraged buyouts) Winter, 1990
Mezz Tour of the Galaxy May, 1994
Rise of the Midnight Sons September, 1992
Spyke Issue 1 July, 1993
The Son of Magneto October, 1996
JLA: A League of One OGN HC Holiday, 2000
JLA: A League of One OGN SC Holiday, 2000
Shadows of Troy April, 1988
Ironwolf -- Fires of the Revolution OGN SC January, 1992
A Six-Card Spread June, 2000


Issue Title Cover Date
Dark Horse Presents Vol. 1 Issue 100 -1 August, 1995
Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination March, 1979
The Complete Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination The Graphic Story Adaptation Holiday, 1992
Alfred Bester's The Stars My Destination March, 1979
The Illustrated Roger Zelazny Issue OGN SC February, 1978
The Illustrated Roger Zelazny February, 1978


Issue Title Cover Date
The Illustrated Harlan Ellison December, 1978
The Illustrated Harlan Ellison December, 1978