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Issue Title Cover Date
Fallen Angel (Action Edition) February, 2005
Angel Of Chaos (Action Edition) December, 2004
Tears Of An Angel (Action Edition) February, 2004
Angel Of Victory (Action Edition) June, 2004
Angel Of Redemption (Action Edition) August, 2004
Angel Of Death (Action Edition) October, 2004
Angel Reborn June, 2003
Angel Eternal February, 2004
Angel of Protest September, 2004
Angel Eternal (Action Edition) February, 2004
Angel of Protest (Action Edition) September, 2004
Haunted Angel March, 2005
Haunted Angel (Action Edition) March, 2005
Angel of the Innocents (Action Edition) October, 2003
Angel Reborn (Action Edition) June, 2003
Angel of the Innocents (Viz Media Edition) October, 2003
Angel's Vision (Viz Media Edition) December, 2006
Short Cuts Issue 2 August, 2003
Short Cuts Issue 1 June, 2002
Even A Monkey Can Draw Manga Issue 1 November, 2002
Princess Mermaid nn December, 2003
Gyo vol. 01 August, 2003
Gyo vol. 02 February, 2004
Angel Goes Nova December, 2008
Angel Cake April, 2009
Angel's Duty (Viz Media Edition) September, 2007
Dawn March, 2003
Angel Redux October, 2009
Hansel & Gretel OGN SC Holiday, 2003
Benkei in New York May, 2001
Cinderalla TPB Holiday, 2002
Medusa October, 2013
Inuyasha Ani-Manga Vol. 01 January, 2004
Inuyasha Ani-Manga Vol. 02 March, 2004
Deluxe Edition April, 2015
Phoenix: A Tale of the Future TPB May, 2002
How To Read February, 2008