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Issue Title Cover Date
Chasing Smoke January, 2003
Watershed February, 2003
Out With a Bang August, 2003
Trust in Fear September, 2002
For the Common Good November, 2002
Malignant Tumors November, 2002
Didn't See That Coming February, 2003
How to Lose May, 2003
Play the Odds July, 2003
Getting Even August, 2003
The Merciless Menace Of MODOK! May, 2001
Mayhem on the Moon! July, 2001
...Touched By the Hand of Havoc! August, 2001
...To Aid The Avengers! September, 2001
Nightmare In The Negative Zone! October, 2001
You Can't Get There From Here September, 2001
Prodigal June, 2003
Schism, Part Four : Schism May, 2003
Perfect Weapon Part One of Four June, 2003
Perfect Weapon Part Two of Four June, 2003
New York Knockdown! June, 2001
The Path of Most Resistance November, 2001
How To Find an A-Bomb August, 2002
Moscow Nights October, 2002
The Virgin of Krasnaya Polyana November, 2002
Geo-Logic December, 2002
The Siege of Saint Lenin January, 2003
The Low Budget Action Movie March, 2003
MMIII, Anno Morionis(Year of the Madman, 2003) April, 2003
Rebels, Freaks, & Prophets May, 2003
Rebels, Freaks, & Prophets Pt. 2 June, 2003
Out With the Old September, 2002
The Sound of the Arena July, 2002
Victor, Viktoria May, 2002
How Many Albanians Does It Take To Screw In a Lightbulb March, 2002
The Askani Way February, 2003
How Does It Feel? June, 2003
Schism, Part Two: Broken Faith April, 2003
Schism, Part Three: The Judas Boy May, 2003
Schism, Part One: The X-Treme Files March, 2003
Daredevil: The Movie December, 2002
The Devil You Know Annual, 2001
Points Of Interest November, 2002
The Return of Doc Ock December, 2002
Helen's Helpful Hints Chapter 23: How to Remove a Tattoo January, 2003
Fear and Loathing October, 2002
Weeds September, 2002
The Natural July, 2002
Green With Envy October, 2002
Still Water June, 2002


Issue Title Cover Date
Hopeless Savages TPB vol. 01 Holiday, 2002
Too Much Hopeless Savages! TPB vol. 03 August, 2004
Breaking Up OGN SC vol. 01 January, 2007
Hopeless Savages: Ground Zero Issue 4 October, 2002
Oni Press Color Special 2001 nn June, 2001
Hopeless Savages Issue 1 August, 2001
Hopeless Savages Issue 2 September, 2001
Hopeless Savages Issue 3 October, 2001
Hopeless Savages Issue 4 November, 2001