Ann Nocenti Writer / Penciller / Colorist / Editor Composite ? N/A

Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
...I found me in a gloomy wood, a stray... January, 1989
...I found me in a gloomy wood, a stray... (Newsstand Edition) January, 1989
'Twas The Night Before Christmas... September, 1988
"...I'll Wave To You From The Top!" October, 1985
+Infinity= November, 1993
A Beer With The Devil May, 1989
A Beer With The Devil (Newsstand Edition) May, 1989
A Cage In Search of A Bird... November, 1987
A Cage In Search of A Bird... (Newsstand Edition) November, 1987
A Mutant In Megalopolis Summer, 1990
A Mutant In Megalopolis (Newsstand Edition) Summer, 1990
A Snake Coils February, 1986
A Touch of Typhoid Holiday, 2016
Absolute Vision Book 1 Holiday, 2013
Acts of Vengeance Crossovers August, 2011
Acts of Vengeance Crossovers (John Byrne Cover) Holiday, 2011
All The News That Fits April, 1991
Amazing High Adventure Issue 1 August, 1984
Amazing High Adventure Issue 2 September, 1985
American Dreamer November, 1986
American Dreamer (Newsstand Edition) November, 1986
And Hellfire is Their Name! October, 1989
And Hellfire is Their Name! (Direct Edition) October, 1989
Arachnid-Packed First Issue!! November, 1995
Art Rage April, 1984


Issue Title Cover Date
Batman Saga Issue 15 August, 2013


Issue Title Cover Date
Old Soldiers Never Die! January, 1984
Dragon-Night! February, 1984
Finding Home! October, 2005
Seoul Searching June, 1984
Assault on the Empire February, 1984
Firestar Vol. 1 X-Men: Firestar Digest Holiday, 2006
The Gift - Part 2 January, 1986
Warwolves of London! (Marvel Legends) November, 2005
The Demon Bear Saga December, 1990
Where Duty Lies May, 1995
Death By Drowning! June, 1995
Heartbreak! July, 1995
Terror December, 1984
Death January, 1985
Rebirth February, 1985
Courage March, 1985
Assault! January, 1985
Under Fire! December, 1984
Quest's End! February, 1985
The Best of Wolverine HC vol. 01 Holiday, 2006
Old Soldiers Holiday, 2004
Assassin! March, 1984
The X-Men vs. the Avengers Vol. 1 TPB April, 1993
Met als gastster... Longshot Holiday, 1988
Away Game! June, 1984
The Vandelhelm Mission March, 1995
Fantastic Four vs. X-Men Vol. 1 TPB October, 1991
Against All Odds November, 1985
With a Little Bit of Luck! December, 1985
Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne TPB vol. 03 January, 2005
Subway to Salvation! February, 1986
The Sword is Drawn (3rd printing) December, 1989
Legion January, 1995
Getaway! July, 1984
Shadowman January, 1985
The Hollow Heart February, 1985
Soulwar June, 1985
Meanwhile, Back at the Mansion... July, 1985
The Singer & Her Song August, 1985
Saturday Night Fight September, 1985
Siege September, 1984
Badlands October, 1984
Slumber Party! November, 1984
Into the Abyss May, 1985
Avengers Assemble! June, 1986
Runaway October, 1986
We Were Only Foolin' November, 1986
Bloody Sunday December, 1986
Ashes of the Heart February, 1987
Ashes of the Soul March, 1987


Issue Title Cover Date
What If...The Avengers Were the Last Superheroes on Earth? October, 1981
What If? Classic, vol. 5 February, 2009
What If...The Avengers Were the Last Superheroes on Earth? October, 1981
Die Entscheidung! October, 2014
Heroes For Hope December, 1985