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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Daily Planet November, 1988
Earth To Invaders: Drop Dead! ($2.00 Variant) November, 1989
Invasion! Special: Daily Planet Issue 1 Holiday, 1989
Tim Trench to Universo February, 1987


Issue Title Cover Date
Hold Me March, 1990
Newcastle: A Taste of Things to Come November, 1988
Shepherd's Warning January, 1989
Rough Justice February, 1989
Hate Mail & Love Letters May, 1989
The Broken Man June, 1989
Betrayal July, 1989
The God of All Gods August, 1989
Thicker Than Water April, 1990
Book One June, 1995
Book Two July, 1995
Book Three August, 1995
Book Four October, 1995
A Walk on the Wild Side November, 1995
January, Ninteen Ninety-Four December, 1993
First Tremor March, 1995
Second Tremor April, 1995
The Big One September, 1995
Third Tremor June, 1995
Fourth Tremor July, 1995
Fifth Tremor August, 1995
Decreator May, 1990
The Puppet Theater June, 1990
Down Paradise Way August, 1990
Bell, Book and Candle December, 1990
Battlefield of Dreams January, 1991
Fallen Angel February, 1991
The Book of the Shadow September, 1995
A Way of Saying Things October, 1995
Fear of Rain November, 1995
Fear of Love December, 1995
A Way of Seeing Things January, 1996
The Queen is Dead July, 1993
Absence Makes the Heart November, 1994
Toys for the Play of Ghosts December, 1994
Windows for the Dark January, 1995
Echoes of Who You Were February, 1995
Dreaming Alice March, 1995
Alone With Mirrors April, 1995
Brothers in Arms, Part One February, 1989
My Name is Nobody April, 1989
Fall of the House of Pendragon June, 1989
Journeys December, 1989
Capturing the Moments of Your Life March, 1990
The Mysterious Axman's Jazz April, 1990
Meanwhile... July, 1989
Secrets in the Sand August, 1989
The Tournament Of The Crown September, 1989
From Day Into Night February, 1989
Jungle Sacrament March, 1989