Bill Cucinotta Writer / Artist / Penciller / Editor

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Falling Into Hell October, 1991
The Pub Where I Was Born November, 1991
Love Kills December, 1991
Lord of the Dance January, 1992
Counting To Ten March, 1992
The Players April, 1992
Revelations May, 1992
The Good Old Days June, 1992
Dog Eat Dog July, 1992
Food for Thought August, 1989
The Death of Innocence, Part One: Denial September, 1989
The Death of Innocence, Part Two: Anger! November, 1989
The Death of Innocence, Part Three: And I will fall... December, 1989
And I Will Rise January, 1990
Over the Wall! February, 1990
My Angel Soul April, 1990
Afterlives May, 1990
Emergence! June, 1990
Chaos Descending! July, 1990
The Whirlwind August, 1990
Stoner Transcendent! November, 1990
The Beginningless Beginning! December, 1990
The Endless End! January, 1991
The Bleeding World! October, 1990
Hunting the Lion, Part 1 September, 1995
The Way of the Warrior, Part 3: Storm Over Thanagar July, 1995
The Way of the Warrior, Part 6: Essential Warfare August, 1995
Free Fall January, 1996
Eagle: The Dark Mirror Saga Issue 4 July, 1992
Eagle: The Dark Mirror Saga Issue 4 (Signed and Numbered Variant) July, 1992
Lady, Shall I Lie In Your Lap? May, 1985
Against A Sea Of Troubles July, 1985
And By Opposing End Them September, 1985
To Sleep, Perchance To Dream December, 1985
Most Foul, Strange And Unusual February, 1986
Defend Me Friends, I Am But Hurt April, 1986
Mark Me June, 1986
... Or Not To Be August, 1986
Doctor Fate Annual 1 Annual, 1989
Sex in the Sinema Issue 2 February, 1992
Sunset 1988
Twilight January, 1989
Nightfall February, 1989
Midnight April, 1989
Sunrise May, 1989
Hark! Vat Light through yonder Vindow Breaks? June, 1989
Circular Motion July, 1989
Eyeless, I See March, 1990
Into the Heart of Darkness April, 1992
Who Are Monkeyman and O'Brien? February, 1996