Bill Mantlo Writer / Penciller / Colorist / Letterer

Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY Composite ? N/A

Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
-- Today the Avengers Die! (Newsstand Edition) Annual, 1979
-- Today the Avengers Die! Annual, 1979
--Big Brother Wants You...Dead! December, 1976
¬°Acrobacia mortal! Holiday, 1977
... And a Child Shall Lead Them! July, 1985
...Am I Now or Have I Ever Been? June, 1976
...And Daredevil Makes Three! May, 1978
...And Here There Be -- Demons! June, 1985
...And Once Removed From Never May, 1976
...And Once Removed From Never (B) May, 1976
...Dance With the Devil My Red-Eyed Son! February, 1977
...Dark as a Dungeon Down in the Mine! June, 1978
...Inquisition! August, 1988
...Last Stand in Fantasy-World! April, 1981
...Like A Tiger In The Night! August, 1977
...Magic Is Alive! October, 1975
...Race to Destruction! (35 Cent Variant) October, 1977
...Race to Destruction! October, 1977
...Race to Destruction! (UK-Edition) October, 1977
...The Coming Of Razorback! December, 1977
...The Harder They Fall May, 1980
...The Hunt Across Worlds! May, 1985
...The Hunt Across Worlds! (Direct Market Edition) May, 1985
...To Hunt the Hulk! April, 1981
"Cars", "Spidey Gets Antsy" July, 1986


Issue Title Cover Date
Aqueduct to Zaran December, 2007
Essential Spider-Man Issue TPB vol. 07 November, 2005


Issue Title Cover Date
Dracula Lives Issue 56 November, 1975
Essential Killraven TPB vol. 01 July, 2005


Issue Title Cover Date
Doctor Strange/Silver Dagger Special Edition Issue 1 March, 1983
Watching and Waiting... January, 1975
Revenge of the River Gods! January, 1975
Fear Issue 26 February, 1975
Giant-Size Master of Kung Fu Issue 3 March, 1975
Inferno! February, 1975
Inferno! February, 1975
The Reality Problem! December, 1974
A Blast From the Past! November, 1974
There Comes Now Raging Fire! December, 1974
Rites of Courage, Fists of Death! February, 1975
Supernatural Thrillers Issue 11 February, 1975
The War that Shook the World - Part 1 April, 1975
Bring Back the Bad Guys TPB May, 1998
Doctor Strange: A Separate Reality TPB June, 2002
Captain America and the Falcon: Nomad January, 2007
Marvel Masterworks: The Defenders HC vol. 03 Holiday, 2012
Marvel Masterworks: The Defenders HC vol. 03 Holiday, 2012
Cloak and Dagger December, 1974
Bid Tomorrow Goodbye! November, 1974
Marvel Masterworks: Captain Marvel HC vol. 04 Holiday, 2012
Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers HC vol. 14 Holiday, 2014
Marvel Masterworks: Marvel Two-In-One HC vol. 01 Holiday, 2013
Face of the Fiend October, 1974
De Verdedigers Issue 10 Holiday, 1981
A Separate Reality 2016
Doctor Strange: Andere Realitäten October, 2016
Doomball! January, 1975
Werewolf by Night: The Complete Collection Vol. 2 2018
The City Stealers! December, 1974
Name That Doom! January, 1975
Weapon of the Soul 2018
Marvel Masterworks: Captain America Issue HC vol. 09 2017
Marvel Masterworks: Marvel Team-Up Issue HC vol. 03 2018