Bob Sharen Artist / Inker / Colorist

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Conan the Savage Issue 1 August, 1995
Conan the Savage Issue 9 April, 1996
Deadly Anniversary! (UK Edition) May, 1981
Anniversaire mortel! May, 1981
Deadly Anniversary! (Direct Edition) May, 1981
Deadly Anniversary! May, 1981
Captain America, Spiderman, the Incredible Hulk en Spiderwoman 1981


Issue Title Cover Date
Crucible! August, 1999
Who Shall Be Worthy? January, 1999
Book of the Dead: Phantom Eagle to Zuras (2nd Printing) Holiday, 1987
Father Hunt January, 1999


Issue Title Cover Date
Space-Mimic! November, 1979
Scavenge World January, 1980
Trial and Error April, 1980
Derelict! May, 1980
Forbidden Fruit! August, 1980
All Things Past and Present September, 1979
Vengeance of the Victim March, 1984
Where Walk the Gods December, 1979
Baron Brimstone and his Sinister Satan Squad August, 1980
Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig July, 1982
What's Black and White and Red All Over? January, 1982
The Gong of Doom March, 1980
Cry Crusader! December, 1990
Kill Or Be Killed! June, 1979
The Changelings! October, 1980
Waiting for the U-Foes! December, 1980
The Goliath, the Gargoyle and the Galaxy Master! April, 1982
Rocket Raccoon! May, 1982
The Return of the U-Foes! October, 1982
Hero August, 1983
A.I.M. For The Top! November, 1983
Unholy Alliance December, 1983
Old Soldiers Never Die! January, 1984
Dragon-Night! February, 1984
To Kill or Cure! June, 1984
Sleep, My Child... July, 1984
Sleepwalker! August, 1984
Crossroads! November, 1984
Prisoners! February, 1985
The Triad! July, 1985
Hook, Line & Sinker! November, 1985
The Use of Deadly Force! November, 1980
Sky Die! January, 1981
Meter On the Sun! February, 1981
Sunfall March, 1981
Sunfall March, 1981
Moms May, 1982
Endgame December, 1982
Iron Man Issue 196 July, 1985
End of a Nightmare!! September, 1978
Enter...Scramble! January, 1986
Short Story! March, 1986
The Grateful Dead! February, 1986
Specters! November, 1987
...Inquisition! August, 1988
Where There's a Will There's a Way November, 1988
When Robots Dream! December, 1988
Killing Me Softly With His Word Processor! January, 1989
And All That We Seem... April, 1989
Outsiders December, 1989