Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Connected Feelings

Season 1: Episode 22    | Next

Airs: Wednesday, Aug 30 2017 at 11am on TV Tokyo Not Yet Rated Animation (Genre) / Action (Genre) / Adventure (Genre) / Fantasy (Genre) / Anime (genre) Writers: Ukyo Kodachi Composers:Yasuharu Takanashi

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Sasuke and Naruto decide to go to Orochimaru's hideout. Naruto tells Sarada that she will meet the people in the picture she had there. Meanwhile in his hideout Shin explains to Sakura that human beings are bounded by their genes and are simple vessels and how Akatsuki enables the stronger genes to thrive through battles and helps the formation of new Jutsu. On their way to Orochimaru's hideout, Naruto and Sasuke meet Captain Yamoto who was on surveillance on Orchimaru. After getting into the hideout they meet Sasuke's former teammates -Suigetsu and Jugo who are the current caretakers of the hideout. Then, Orochimaru comes out and meets them in his new feminine body. On hearing the name of Shin from Sasuke, He takes them to another chamber room and explains that Shin Uchiha was one of his old experiments that was used for the right arm of Danzo. Shin had a unique ability of being transplanted or injected with anything without any side effects. He also explains why Shin refers himself as Uchiha as he could manifest the Sharingan as believed by Sasuke's Brother Itachi. On their way out, Sarada asks Suigetsu if he knows the lady in the picture and Suigetsu identifies her as Karin. After hearing this, Sarada asks if she is in the hideout to which Suigetsu replies she is in another hideout. Then Sarada asked him if she was her daughter or not. Suigetsu gets surprised by this and wonders if it could be possible as Karin and Sasuke were close back then. So Suigetsu takes a DNA test from Sarada and Karin using the umbilical cord of Karin. The result shows that both of them are genetically related and Karin is possibly Sarada's mom. After knowing this Sarada feels cheated and fooled by her mother. Realising how Sarada feels, Suigetsu runs out of the room to prevent further problems. Naruto sees Sarada crying and comes to her. After Sarada mainfests the Sharingan and Naruto shows Sarada her eyes and tells her to calm down and tries to consolidate her to whom Sarada tells who he is to consolidate her and tell her whom to save or not? Naruto says he is the Hokage and the entire village is his family which also includes Sarada. And tells her that the bonds between a parent and a child are not just based on history and blood but are based on the love between them. Then, Sarada becomes willing to go and save her mother from Shin Uchiha. When both of them come out Suigetsu gets frightened and hides so that Sarada can't see him. Sasuke then says that his Visual Prowess is recovered and he will take everyone to the hideout in his Susano'o. In the hideout of Shin Uchiha, Shin plans to revive Akatsuki by killing Sasuke and taking his Sharingan as he thinks Sasuke is not worthy of the Uchiha name.


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