Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

The Boy with the Sharingan

Season 1: Episode 20    | Next

Airs: Wednesday, Aug 16 2017 at 11am on TV Tokyo Not Yet Rated Animation (Genre) / Action (Genre) / Adventure (Genre) / Fantasy (Genre) / Anime (genre) Writers: Ukyo Kodachi Composers:Yasuharu Takanashi

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The mysterious person attacks Sasuke and gets defeated by him. But, Sasuke is surprised to see that he has the Sharingan in possession. He then disappeared from there. At the Hokage Office, Naruto receives a message from Sasuke, and calls Kakashi to discuss the situation. Meanwhile, the person who attacked Sasuke meets someone and tells him about Sasuke's strength and they talk about their intentions to kill Sasuke. After discussing with Kakashi, Naruto decides to meet Sasuke himself and Sarada hears him; who came there to ask Naruto, Sasuke's whereabouts. She decides to chase after Naruto to meet his father. Sarada gets prepared for journey and waits for Naruto at the village's entrance. There, she meets Chocho who also plans to go on a journey to find her real father. Naruto departs and Sarada tried to chase after him but was left behind because Chocho falls halfway. Boruto comes to deliver a lunch box to Naruto but arrives late and Sarada asks him to let her deliver the lunch box on his place. He refused in the start but later agreed because she keeps asking him persistently. Afterwards when Sarada and Chocho are going after Naruto, the person who attacked Sasuke earlier gets in their way and introduce himself as Shin Uchiha, and asks Sarada to come with him. She refuses to go with him and he attacks them but Naruto comes to save them and fights him using his Tailed Beast form, much to everyone's surprise. Shin then retreats from there after acknowledging that he can't win against Naruto. Sarada was worried after the incident and Naruto assures her that he will protect her. Sarada delivers the lunch box but Naruto decides to take them with himself for their safety. They ate their lunch and after that Naruto tells them about how he sees Sasuke as his rival, and how Sarada's eyes resembles Sasuke's and how her scary attitude when she gets mad resembles Sakura's. They continue their journey and just when they're about reach the tower where Sasuke is, Chocho gets tired and Naruto tells Sarada to rest her body. But she makes an excuse about going to toilet and goes to meet Sasuke without Naruto and Chocho. Her eyes transforms into the Sharingan because of her strong desire to meet her father and when she gets inside the tower, Sasuke points out his sword at her because he thinks that Sarada is with the person who attacked him after seeing her Sharingan.


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