Brian Michael Augustyn Writer / Artist / Penciller / Inker / Colorist / Editor

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Chain Lightning, Chapter Two: Time Like a River... March, 1999
Chain Lightning, Finale: Finish Line July, 1999
Change the World September, 1998
Chaos Rules (Kickstarter Signed Foil Cover) May, 2015
Chaos Rules (Limited HC Edition) May, 2015
Chaos Rules (Premium Edition) April, 2016
Chaos Rules (Naughty Edition) April, 2016
Chaos Rules May, 2015
Chaos Rules (Direct Edition) May, 2016
Chaos Rules (Inferno Edition) May, 2016
Chapter Five: End Game June, 1993
Chapter Four: At the Precipice May, 1993
Chapter One: Hoodwinked February, 1993
Chapter Six: Final Fire July, 1993
Chapter Three: With Friends Like These April, 1993
Chapter Two: Alias Jay Cole March, 1993
Christmas Passed February, 2000
Citizen Wayne Annual, 1994
City of the Damned March, 2003
Comics Values Monthly Issue 95 April, 1994
Convergence January, 2000
Countdown a Crisi Finale (2008) [ITA] Issue 7 March, 2009
Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer Holiday, 2008
Countdown zur Final Crisis - Auf der Suche nach Ray Palmer September, 2008
Crimson May, 2001


Issue Title Cover Date
Last Rites (2nd Printing) February, 1986
Knightquest: The Search October, 1993
Knightquest: The Search November, 1993
Justice League Quarterly Issue 11 Summer, 1993
Justice League Quarterly Issue 15 Summer, 1994
Justice League Quarterly Issue 15 Summer, 1994
The Flash Vol. 2 Annual 03 Annual, 1989
Elemental Conflict August, 1990
Mechanical Difficulty September, 1990
Beware The Savage Skies! April, 1991
The Sack Of Gotham May, 1991
Dead Air June, 1991
Evil Of The Ancients July, 1991
Double Star Rising! August, 1991
Danger Flies The Skies September, 1991
The Return Of The Justice Society October, 1991
Battle Of The Stars! November, 1991
Book One Holiday, 1996
Book Two Holiday, 1996
Book Three Holiday, 1996
Book Four Holiday, 1996
Justice League Quarterly Issue 5 Winter, 1991
The Revenge of Starbreaker July, 1992
Of Ashes and Justice August, 1992
Down for the Count (2nd Printing) December, 1992
Down for the Count (3rd Print) December, 1992
Down for the Count (4th Print) December, 1992
Welcome to the Dark August, 1992
With a Little Bit of Luck November, 1992
Destiny's Hand, Part 1 March, 1993
The Mother of all Field Trips! Part 2: Some Answers and a Quest August, 2008
N-Guard Issue 1 July, 2008
N-Guard Issue 3 September, 2008
Meathooks: Part Two - Butchers October, 1990
Meathooks: Part Four - The Slaughterhouse January, 1991
Team Work 1992
Team Work (Green Lantern Cover) 1992
Team Work (With UPC) 1992
Trollords Issue 7 May, 1987
Kelly's Christmas Carol December, 1986
The Greatest Golden Age Stories Ever Told Holiday, 1990
Chapter One - "Homecoming" November, 2007
The Mack Attack Contract November, 1991
Welcome to Oz April, 2009
The Conflagration Man, Chapter 1: Twin Trails January, 1990
The Conflagration Man, Part 3: The Big Boom February, 1990
The Conflagration Man, Chapter 2: Uneasy Allies February, 1990
Triple-Cross! The Climax of The Conflagration Man March, 1990
part one: Something Butt-Ugly This Way Comes December, 1996
part two: The Big Suck April, 1997