Brian Posehn Writer

Birthplace: Sacramento, California Website: @thebrianposehn Composite ? N/A

Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
A Friend in Need... February, 2015
A Friend Indeed... February, 2015
After Mash (Silva Variant) May, 2015
After Mash May, 2015
All Good Things Holiday, 2015
All-New Deadpool (2016) [FRE] Issue 2 July, 2016
AXIS September, 2015
Axis Holiday, 2015
Chapter 10: When Cometh the Frightful Four March, 2014
Chapter 11: Domestic Dispute March, 2014
Chapter 12: Deadpool, Disarmed March, 2014
Chapter 13: Give Love a Hand April, 2014
Chapter I: From America With Love... And No Backsies! January, 2014
Chapter I: From America With Love... And No Backsies! March, 2014
Chapter II: Deadpool and the Temple of Boom! January, 2014
Chapter III: You Had One Job, Deadpool January, 2014
Chapter IV: Rail Grind January, 2014
Chapter IX: Gangs of New York March, 2014
Chapter V: Blade Makes Three February, 2014
Chapter VI: An American Mercenary in Paris February, 2014
Chapter VII: Ready? A.I.M. Fire! February, 2014
Chapter VIII: Werewolf of London-Adjacent February, 2014
Daddy/Daughter Day September, 2014
Damned If You Win, Damned If You Lose August, 2013
Dare To Be Deviled (Wolverine Through the Ages Variant) August, 2013