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Issue Title Cover Date
Code of Silence April, 1989
Tamara Stands Alone! February, 1984
Betrayal! June, 1984
Maximum Force August, 1990
Corporate Maneuvers (and leveraged buyouts) Winter, 1990
Around the World with the Justice League Annual, 1989
In the Country of the Blind! December, 1984
Spider-Man Visionaries: Roger Stern TPB April, 2007
Tomorrow's League Today! (Silver Edition) Annual, 1991
Old Friends January, 2005
Don't Mind the Maggots October, 1994
Another Think Coming September, 1994
Batman Issue 34 September, 1993
A Study in Survival! December, 1977
Secrets of Haunted House Issue 11 1978
Ghost Rider Team-Up TPB December, 2007
All the President's Men...! July, 1984
The Unexpected Issue 205 December, 1980
The Unexpected Issue 206 January, 1981
A Heart Determined!/Lost Promises/The Complex!/Giving Peace a Chance September, 1989
A Heart Gone Mad!/So Many Nameless Enemies/Room Seven/The Temper of a God October, 1989
A Heart Attacked!/Chances/Operating Theater/Having a Wild Weekend November, 1989
China Beachhead/With a Vengeance/Long Live The King?/Forced Fed! January, 1990
Yesterday's Villain! December, 1980
A Sweet Kiss Of Poison... September, 1981
If You Can't Nuke 'Em... Join 'Em January, 1992
The Wildfire Express! January, 1981
Wonder Woman Vol. 1 Issue 289 March, 1982
Wonder Woman Vol. 1 Issue 286 December, 1981
Darknight Daughter Holiday, 2006
The Menace of...Arsenal! September, 1978
Beauty and the Beasts Holiday, 2005
What If Captain America Were Elected President? / What If ... The Man-Thing Had Regained Ted Sallis' Brain? / Outpost On Uranus April, 1981
Essential Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man TPB vol. 01 February, 2005
The Mask: Official Movie Adaptation Vol. 1 Issue 2 August, 1994
The Unexpected Issue 214 September, 1981
Capitan Marvel April, 1979
Capitan Marvel April, 1979
The Wanderer! March, 1981
Icicle to Jonni Thunder January, 1986
Tomorrow's League Today! Annual, 1991
All-Star Squadron to Catalyst August, 1987
The American TPB October, 2005
The Two And Only February, 1991
Bring In The Clowns March, 1991
Fools Rush In April, 1991
Doctor Psycho to Fastback September, 1985
Fatal Five to Garguax October, 1985
Garn Daanuth to Guardians of the Universe November, 1985
Deadly Arrival! April, 1987


Issue Title Cover Date
Havok is...the Hybrid! April, 1987
Man in the Middle May, 1987
The Stench Of Brimstone January, 1987
Fun Couples! May, 1987
Ordeal! February, 1994
The Case of the Harlequin Hitman / Good Stuff March, 1989
Tales of the Teen Titans Vol. 1 Issue 82 (Newsstand Edition) October, 1987
Lega della Giustizia (1990) [ITA] Issue 13 April, 1991
Lega della Giustizia (1990) [ITA] Issue 15 June, 1991
Lega della Giustizia (1990) [ITA] Issue 18 September, 1991
Lega della Giustizia (1990) [ITA] Issue 19 October, 1991
Lega della Giustizia (1990) [ITA] Issue 20 November, 1991
Code of Silence (Direct Edition) April, 1989
Weird War Tales Vol. 1 Issue 108 (Newsstand Edition) February, 1982
The Last Testament Of Sinestro! (Newsstand Edition) March, 1988
Inside Somatic Psyches (Direct Market Edition) December, 1987
Inside Some Other Skies! (Newsstand Edition) November, 1987
Inside Summer Skies (Newsstand Edition) October, 1987
Secret Identities! (Newsstand Edition) September, 1987
Dark Victory June, 1980
El show debe seguir May, 1994
Liga de la Justicia Europa (1993) [ESP] Issue 13 June, 1994
El vector extremista parte cinco: Apretando el boton December, 1994
Rue Britannia January, 1995
Carrion, My Wayward Son! December, 1978
Time Out Of Mind! (Newsstand Edition) July, 1985
The Diabolical Dr Ub'x (Direct Edition) August, 1986
In Deep! (Newsstand Edition) November, 1986
Red Alert! (Direct Edition) February, 1987
Pink Elephants (Direct Edition) April, 1987
Fun Couples! (Direct Edition) May, 1987
Bad Reputation! October, 1986
Blood, Sweat and Tabloids (Newsstand Edition) December, 1990