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Issue Title Cover Date
Alfred Pennyworth To Spider-Girl October, 1990
Avengers: Hawkeye March, 2009
Avengers: Hawkeye (Direct Market Edition) March, 2009
Captain Marvel: The Death of Captain Marvel May, 2010
Captain Marvel: The Death of Captain Marvel (Direct Market Edition) May, 2010
Justice, Like Lightning December, 2001
Thunderbolts Classic TPB vol. 01 Holiday, 2011
Auf des Messers Schneide Holiday, 1982
Essential Marvel Two-In-One TPB vol. 03 July, 2009
Blown Away August, 1991
Bialya Blues October, 1991
Benedictions, Part Two: Deathangel May, 1994
The Origin of the Thunderbolts Annual, 1997
Carnal Genesis September, 1994
Shadowclash June, 1994
Shadow-Games May, 1994
Essential Web Of Spider-Man TPB vol. 02 Holiday, 2012
Salimba 3-D #1 August, 1986
Salimba 3-D #1 August, 1986
Salimba Deluxe Graphic Novel Issue TPB 1989
Salimba Deluxe Graphic Novel Issue TPB 1989
Look Homeward, Leaguers November, 1991
What? And Give Up Show Business? December, 1989
Among My Souvenirs September, 1990
Bringing It Together January, 1991
The Chore... The Core... The Corps... June, 1991
Two Against The World November, 1990
Green Arrow July, 1982
Essential Moon Knight TPB vol. 01 February, 2006
The False Face Society of Gotham August, 1985
Avengers: Hawkeye TPB Holiday, 2010
Pursuit Of Happiness! July, 1990
Sound And Fury August, 1990
Spider-Man vs The Hulk! at the Winter Olympics Holiday, 1980
Designing Humans! Spring, 1991
With an Ivo Here, an Ivo There, an Ivo, Ivo Everywhere...! September, 1989
Hero is a Four Letter Word October, 1989
This Town Isn't Big Enough for Both of Us! November, 1989
This City's Not For Burning July, 1986
The Answer is Alchemy September, 1986
Back Again October, 1990
Homecoming December, 1990
Camelot 3000 (2nd Printing) Holiday, 1988
Camelot 3000 Holiday, 1988
Camelot 3000 (Warner Books Edition) March, 1988
The Past and Future King! December, 1982
Thunderbolts September, 1999
We, the Unliving... January, 1979
Back to the Fuchsia! June, 1991
Power Fantasy May, 1990