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Issue Title Cover Date
Stories from AKA Goldfish, Kabuki, Kilroy is Here, Oz Annual, 1995


Issue Title Cover Date
The Ghost of Alonzo Mann Holiday, 1996
Oz Special Issue 1 Freedom Fighters Holiday, 1995
Oz Special Issue 1 Lion Holiday, 1995
Oz Special Issue 1 Tin Man Holiday, 1995
Oz Special Issue 1 Scarecrow Holiday, 1995
Necropolis August, 1995
The Shape of Things to Come, Part 1: Fiction Factory May, 1996
The Shape of Things to Come, Part 3: Fragile Times August, 1996
The Shape of Things to Come, Part 4: Empire Day September, 1996
Bleeding Hearts In Hand ("Not for Wussies") March, 1990
Oz Issue 6 Holiday, 1995
The Itsy Bitsy Spider.... Holiday, 1995
Reunion Holiday, 1995
The Perils of Peter Holiday, 1995
All Things Wicked Holiday, 1995
Monkey in the Middle Holiday, 1995
Clash of Titans Holiday, 1995
Peace Be So Fragile Holiday, 1996
To Covet a Kingdom or A Megalomaniac's Guide to Oz Holiday, 1995
Quadling Quandry Holiday, 1996
From Bad to Worse! Holiday, 1997
The Season of the Witch Holiday, 1997
The Searchers: Apostle of Mercy Vol. 1 Issue 1 January, 1997
What On Earth? Holiday, 1995
Battle Royale Holiday, 1996
Victory! Holiday, 1996
What Price Victory? Holiday, 2008
Reunion Holiday, 2008
New World Order Holiday, 2010
High Caliber Issue 2 May, 1997
New World Order Holiday, 1996
New Worlds Anthology Issue 1 April, 1996


Issue Title Cover Date
Robyn of Sherwood Issue 3 Holiday, 1999
Jack the Ripper - A Crime Chronicle May, 1998
The Illustrated Jack the Ripper Holiday, 2008