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Issue Title Cover Date
¦wit synów nocy Holiday, 1995
All American Comics (1989) [ITA] Issue 49 October, 1993
Armored Vengeance Holiday, 1995
Bad Moon Rising/Fuel for the Fire/Whatever we do, We'll Muddle Through Together/Behold, Nauda August, 1992
Battle on the Brooklyn Bridge/Legion of the Doomed/It's Never Over/The Final Conflict September, 1992
Beginnings Middles & Endings September, 1994
Betrayal January, 1998
Betrayal, Part 1: Wish Fulfillment May, 1993
Betrayal, Part 2: Family Matters June, 1993
Betrayal, Part 3: Moment of Truth July, 1993
Between Love and Hate June, 1998
Black Letter (Australian Edition) October, 1992
Black Letter October, 1992
Black Letter (Sealed in Bag with a Poster) October, 1992
Bloodbath / Skin / The Lure / Organ Grinder July, 1993
Cadet Challenge (MangHom QaD) (Klingon Language Edition) May, 1998
Cadet Challenge (MangHom QaD) May, 1998
Claw and Bone/Into the Abyss/Together Forever... A Pair/Nauda's Tale September, 1992
Cry N'Garai! January, 1993
Culture Clash April, 1998
Day of Infamy April, 1993
Dead Air Holiday, 1995
Duel March, 1993
Eye of the Beholder! 1993
Eyes of the Beholder / From the Light, Darkness / On the Wings of Angels / Blood is Thicker... April, 1993


Issue Title Cover Date
The Drawing of the Three October, 1994
Soul Survivors November, 1994
Cities of the Red Night December, 1994
Bad to the Bone January, 1995
Rites & Passages February, 1995
Dead on Arrival March, 1995
Post-Mortem April, 1995
The Bride of Dracula March, 1994
All the Threads, Unraveled April, 1994
The Dark, Part 1: Saving Grace September, 1993
The Dark, Part 2: Seduction of the Innocent October, 1993
The Dark, Part 3: Aggravated Suicide November, 1993
Electronic Eden September, 1990
Arrival September, 1991
Escape September, 1991
Body Double February, 1996
Copycats March, 1996
Brothers in Arms May, 1993
For Love Nor Money, Part 5 of 6: Love... Like a Weapon July, 1993
For Love Nor Money, Part 2 of 6: The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly June, 1993
Dark Visions July, 1994
Red Prophet August, 1994
Black Reign September, 1994
Resurrected November, 1991
Over The Edge, conclusion: Glory Days October, 1995
The Blazing Skull & The Spearheads of Vengeance / Little Monsters May, 1995
Over The Edge, part 1: Reset August, 1995
Different Madness! December, 1995
Last Hope July, 1991
Last Hope (2nd Printing Gold Cover) July, 1991
Changes August, 1991
The Deal November, 1991
Bad to the Bone! January, 1992
Under the Gun May, 1995
Family December, 1995
Hatchet Job January, 1996
Clash February, 1996
Firepower March, 1996
Hostage to the Devil April, 1996
Legacy of Blood Part One: Family Matters December, 1993
Legacy of Blood Part Two: Brief Reunion January, 1994
Legacy of Blood Part Three: All My Sins Remembered! February, 1994
Legacy of Blood Part Four: Reunion March, 1994
Family Plot Part Two: Redemption February, 1996
Ground Zero June, 1991
Departure October, 1991
Mad for Madripoor Holiday, 1995
Nightmare, a killer of a love story part 3: My Dream Is Your Nightmare February, 1995
Nightmare, a killer of a love story part 2 of 4: Fear Sells January, 1995
Nightmare, a killer of a love story part 1 of 4: Temptation December, 1994