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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Mighty Bubbles January, 2004
Armagh, Ireland May 1 February, 1999
Adversaries Part 1 May, 1999
Lady Pendragon Issue 3 January, 1999
Desert Hearts June, 1994
A Hope in Hell July, 1994
Feeding Habits November, 1994
The Root of All Evil December, 1994
The Illumination January, 1995
River Run Prologue: Flotsam and Jetsam February, 1995
Twilight of the Gods April, 1995
The Secret of Slaughter Swamp June, 1995
Darker Genesis July, 1995
Ace of Swords November, 1995
Telephone Calls From the Dead January, 1996
Trees of Knowledge February, 1996
The Parliament of Vapors March, 1996
Trial By Fire, Part 1: Golden Days Before the End May, 1996
Trial By Fire, Part 2: Word of God June, 1996
Trial By Fire, Part 3: The Last Temptation of Anton July, 1996
Trial By Fire, Part 4: The Judas Tree August, 1996
I Dwelt In Darkness Dreaming December, 1999
Kraven's First Hunt November, 1996
The Thirteenth Hour November, 2002
Dreamland Chronicles Vol. 1 Issue 1 Holiday, 2004
Major Damage Flipbook September, 2004
Part 1 of 3 August, 1996
Back to Reality July, 1995
Marvel Milestones: Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, MIcroman & Mantor nn November, 2005
The Baxter Building Besieged! February, 2001
When Strike These Sentinels! April, 2001
The Merciless Menace Of MODOK! May, 2001
Mayhem on the Moon! July, 2001
...Touched By the Hand of Havoc! August, 2001
...To Aid The Avengers! September, 2001
Nightmare In The Negative Zone! October, 2001
Doom Triumphant! December, 2001
Victor von Doom, Emperor of Earth! January, 2002
The Ultimate Responsibility July, 1996
The Usual Suspects September, 1996
Global Swarming November, 1996
A Matter of Respect January, 1997
Deluge part One: A Savage Land February, 1997
The Four Horsemen May, 2005
Opening Doors November, 1997
A Christmas Story February, 1998
Fireback April, 1996
I, Ronan January, 1999
You Can't Get There From Here September, 2001
The Devil You Know Annual, 2001