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Issue Title Cover Date
Finale & Prelude December, 1991
Carrier January, 1992
Inner Turmoil April, 1992
Cold Blooded May, 1992
Orphan In The Storm April, 1995
Orphan In The Storm April, 1995
What Child is This May, 1995
Father, Why Have you Forsaken Me? June, 1995
Father, Why Have you Forsaken Me? June, 1995
Conan Saga Issue 15 July, 1988
Conan Saga Issue 16 August, 1988
Conan Saga Issue 17 September, 1988
Conan Saga Issue 18 October, 1988
Conan Saga Issue 19 November, 1988
Conan Saga Issue 20 December, 1988
A New Deal From an Old Deck, or the Credit Card Soldiers July, 1985
The Grand Alliance! or Life With Loki!!! September, 1985
The Quick and the Dead! November, 1985
Like a Bat Out of Hel! December, 1985
This Kursed Earth...! January, 1986
Thor Croaks! February, 1986
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, or It's Not Easy Being Green! March, 1986
The Eye of the Beholder June, 1986
Heroes Always Win... Don't They? February, 1987
This Hollowed Armor! March, 1987
When Loki Stood Alone! April, 1987
There Were Giants In Those Days (Or, a Discourse Between Heroes and Villains May, 1987
X-Mas Special January, 1991
What If the Cosmic Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy Had Been Defeated by Korvac? April, 1992
What If the Watcher Saved The Multiverse? July, 1992
Forever Kursed February, 2001
Born Again (2010 2nd Edition) January, 2010
Stolen History October, 1994
Okay, So It's Not Such a Wonderful Life! March, 1991
Nefarious Rhapsodies August, 1992
Cosmic Powers Issue 6 August, 1994
Cosmic Powers Issue 5 July, 1994
Cosmic Powers Issue 1 March, 1994
Down to Earth, Part 3 August, 1994
Climb Far, Your Goal The Sky, Your Aim The Star! April, 1994
The Herald Ordeal, Part 4: Resurrection October, 1992
Survivors April, 1993
Old Foes June, 1992
Revenge of the Beast July, 1992
Interlude September, 1992
Temptation: Wealth October, 1994
Conan Saga Issue 34 February, 1990
Book One: Beginnings September, 1989
Book Two: The Animal Unleashed November, 1989
Book Three: The Man Reborn December, 1989