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Issue Title Cover Date
A: From Abomination to Avengers Quinjet January, 1983
A: From Abomination to Avengers Quinjet (Newsstand Edition) January, 1983


Issue Title Cover Date
The Origin of Professor X! -- Where Walks the Juggernaut! December, 1970
Holocaust! February, 1972
Red Raven, Red Raven...! February, 1975
When Mutants Clash! April, 1975
Catacombs May, 1983
Intrude in the Sand! November, 1976
And In This Corner: The New Emissaries of Evil! December, 1976
Prelude: Who Remembers Scorpio? April, 1977
Part Two: Rampage July, 1977
Now Strikes the Sub-Human! August, 1974
Flashback! June, 1978
Vengeance in Vietnam! - or - An Origin for Mantis! May, 1974
All the Sounds and Sights of Death! August, 1974
A Blast From the Past! November, 1974
The Reality Problem! December, 1974
Kang War II February, 1975
Yesterday and Beyond... March, 1975
The Times That Bind! April, 1975
The Torch is Passed! May, 1975
... Let All Men Bring Together June, 1975
We Do Seek Out New Avengers!! July, 1975
The Phantom Empire! November, 1975
Claws! February, 1976
The Gods and the Gang! July, 1976
A Ghost of Stone! March, 1977
Siege by Stealth and Storm! May, 1977
Day of the Godslayer! December, 1977
... Where Angels Fear to Tread May, 1978
Holocaust in New York Harbor! June, 1978
The End... and the Beginning! September, 1978
The Destiny Hunt! October, 1978
The Hope... and the Slaughter! November, 1978
The Flame and the Hammer! May, 1976
There Shall Come... Revolution! June, 1976
To Hela and Back September, 1976
Death, Thou Shalt Die! March, 1977
If the Stars be made of Stone! April, 1977
Night Moves! May, 1977
Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me! October, 1977
We Must Destroy... The Cobalt Man! December, 1972
Elementary, Dear Avengers October, 1979
Assault on a Mind Cage! (Marvel Legends Reprint) April, 2006
The Terrible Toll of the Taskmaster (Marvel Legends Reprint) June, 2005
Three Angels Fallen! December, 1981
... By Divine Right! May, 1982
The Dragon Dies at Dawn! November, 1976
A Fine Day's Dying! February, 1977
To Stand Alone! January, 1977
Iron Fist Must Die! September, 1976
Demon's Head April, 1976


Issue Title Cover Date
The Deadly Designs Of The Disruptor! February, 1973
Countdown To Chaos! March, 1973
Am I an Avenger? 2011
The Avengers Log Vol. 1 Issue 1 February, 1994
The Avengers Log Vol. 1 Issue 1 February, 1994
Essential Spider-Man TPB vol. 06 August, 2004
Omega the Unknown Classic TPB January, 2005
The Deadly Hands of Kung Fu Issue 22 March, 1976
Spider-Man: The Complete Clone Saga Epic TPB vol. 04 Holiday, 2010
The X-Men Nos. 101-110 1990