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Issue Title Cover Date
Champions Vol. 2 Issue 43 March, 2009
Champions Vol. 2 Issue 45 May, 2009
Chaos In Calgary March, 1987
Chapter II: Isle of the Swords June, 1990
Chapter III: Golka of the Moon July, 1990
Chapter IV: The Last Shoggoth January, 2009
Clusters Part One December, 1987
Clusters, Part 2 December, 1987
Come Helix and High Water! May, 1986
Concert in the Key of...Chroma May, 1985
Converging Trajectories February, 1991
Crisis At Canaveral! (Newsstand Edition) March, 1986
Crisis On Infinitors' Earth November, 1985
Cry Crusader! December, 1990
D-Day For Degation! April, 1985
Dark Destiny April, 1989
Darker Than Scarlet January, 2009
Dead Drop September, 2013
Dead Drop October, 1987
Deadlier Than the Male...? June, 1988
Death Has Eight Legs August, 1992
Death Upon A Horn Of Gold February, 1983
Death Upon A Horn Of Gold February, 1983
Death Valley Daze January, 1993
Death, When it Must Come August, 1988