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Issue Title Cover Date
Deathweb, Be Not Proud November, 1993
Demonic Re-Possession August, 1989
Demonica Calling !! April, 1993
Demons From The Caves Of Night! September, 1982
Do Not Go Gently into That Dark Night... December, 1990
Doctor Extraño: Versos vampĂ­ricos: Está en la sangre.. November, 1991
Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme (1988) Vol. 1 Issue Omnibus HC vol. 01 July, 2017
Doom 2018
Dormammu Ascendant October, 1990
Dragon Slayers For Hire September, 1985
Dragon's Doom! (95c version) April, 1984
Dragon's Doom! April, 1984
Drums for Damballah August, 1987
Endgame September, 1988
Es Kam aus Weltraumtiefen Holiday, 1994
Es Kam aus Weltraumtiefen Holiday, 1994
Eternals: The Herod Factor Issue 1 November, 1991
Eye! October, 1987
Eyeless In Asia March, 1983
Eyeless In Asia March, 1983
Farewell to Fury! September, 1987
Farewell, My Lightning? (Newsstand Edition) August, 1985
Farewell, My Lightning? August, 1985
Fear Itself February, 1992
Feithera By Stormlight! February, 1986