Darren J. Vincenzo Writer / Colorist / Editor

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Issue Title Cover Date
The Tangled Web February, 1994
Tree of Knowledge November, 1994
Images November, 1994
Final Friend December, 1994
The Truth Hurts March, 1995
The Monkey's Fist June, 1997
The Last Batman Adventure October, 1995
Dirty Deal December, 1996
Knightfall, Part 18: The Devil You Know September, 1993
The Tomb July, 1996
The Chain July, 1996
Legacy, Epilogue: Second Chances October, 1996
Lethal Pursuits February, 1997
Riddled March, 1997
Death Comes Home December, 1997
Super Friends (Special Reprint) Holiday, 1997
Legacy, Part One: Progeny of the Demon August, 1996
Legacy, Part Six: Gotham's Scourge September, 1996
Knightquest: The Crusade: Runaway November, 1993
No Man's Land: Stormy Weather December, 1999
Batman/Tarzan: Claws of the Cat-Woman Vol. 1 TPB August, 2000
Permanent April, 2000
Perfect Pitch March, 2000
Two of a Kind February, 2000
Zoologically Speaking January, 2000
No Man's Land: Fear of Faith, Part One: Fanning the Flames April, 1999
Knightquest: The Crusade: Town Tamer December, 1993
Knightquest: The Crusade: Smash Cut March, 1994
Knightquest: The Crusade: Out-Gunned May, 1994
Knightquest: The Crusade: Midnight Duel (DC Universe Logo) June, 1994
Deadbolt June, 1996
The Final Night: Howling in the Dark November, 1996
A World for Burning October, 1997
Cataclysm, Prelude: Sound and Fury March, 1998
Aftershock: Statistics June, 1998
Brotherhood of the Fist, Part One: The Stalkers July, 1998
Brotherhood of the Fist, Part Two: Fight Back to Gotham July, 1998
Brotherhood of the Fist, Part Four: Paper Revelations August, 1998
Brotherhood of the Fist, Part Five: The Borrowed Life August, 1998
Aftershock: The Grieving City August, 1998
Aftershock: Fool's Errand October, 1998
Live Not On Evil, Part One January, 1999
Acts of Violence July, 1999
Cosa Nostra, Chapter 1: Familia May, 1998
Cosa Nostra, Chapter 2: Thicker than Blood June, 1998
Cosa Nostra, Chapter 3: Black Sheep July, 1998
Cosa Nostra, Chapter 4: Autonomy August, 1998
Road to No Man's Land: Fight or Flight, Part One: Nest of Vipers December, 1998
Road to No Man's Land: Fight or Flight, Part 3: 30 Seconds to Midnight February, 1999
No Man's Land: Fear of Faith, Part Four: Be Not Afraid April, 1999