Darren J. Vincenzo Writer / Colorist / Editor

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
No Man's Land: No Law and a New Order, Part Four: Language March, 1999
Lucky Day! July, 1998
The Hunchback of Notre Dame January, 1999
Mightier Than the Sword March, 1999
The Oldest One in the Book April, 1999
How This World Goes! February, 2000
Two Timer November, 1995
Dumb as a Rock June, 1998
The Book of Memory September, 1995
In Memoriam August, 1995
Just Another Night July, 1995
Catwoman - Green Arrow - Thorn April, 1995
War and Peace Part II September, 1999
War and Peace Part III October, 1999
Fear of God July, 1998
Folie a Deux, Part Two December, 1998
Folie a Deux, Part One November, 1998
Two Timer, Part Two December, 1995
Christmas Riddle January, 1996
Bird Cage February, 1996
Round Robin May, 1996
His Master's Voice June, 1996
Harley and Ivy and... Robin? July, 1996
Tears August, 1996
Blood of the Demon September, 1996
Windows to the Soul October, 1996
To Live and Die in Gotham City! November, 1996
Knightmare December, 1996
Dagger's Tale January, 1997
Second Chances February, 1997
It Takes a Cat March, 1997
But a Dream April, 1997
Joker's Last Laugh! May, 1997
Duty of the Huntress June, 1997
Book Two: Graduation Day February, 1998
Book Three: Now You See 'Em March, 1998
Book One: Lost Years January, 1998
Just Another Day August, 1998
Polar Opposites October, 1998
Last Chance November, 1998
Dagger's Secret December, 1998
Masks of Love: A Harley Quinn Romance July, 1999
Captive Audience September, 1999
Daddy Dearest October, 1999
A Little Thing! December, 1999
...And Oh So Delicious! January, 2000
Minute Differences March, 2000
Do the Wrong Thing April, 2000
Missed Connections May, 2000
Batman: Black and White Holiday, 2000