Darren J. Vincenzo Writer / Colorist / Editor

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Choice of Weapons October, 1994
Love and Bullets Holiday, 2000
A Darker Shade of Justice Holiday, 2001
The Hunt For Oracle Holiday, 2003
Batman Forever (Variant cover) Holiday, 1995
The Batman Chronicles Vol. 1 Issue 11 Winter, 1998
Batman and Robin Adventures: Sub-Zero Vol. 1 Issue 1 Holiday, 1998
Second Banana March, 1996
Menu for Disaster May, 1997
Stepfathers and Sons September, 1997
Killing Camp Part Three September, 1993
Cataclysm, Part Thirteen: Blunt Trauma May, 1998
Cataclysm, Part Eight: Isle of Men April, 1998
Batman Black and White Vol. 1 Issue 3 August, 1996
Batman Black and White Vol. 1 Issue 2 July, 1996
Batman Black and White Vol. 1 Issue 1 June, 1996
Batman Black and White Vol. 1 Issue 4 September, 1996
Leatherwing Annual, 1994
Superman/Batman: Alternate Histories Holiday, 1996
Nightwing Secret Files Vol. 1 Issue 1 October, 1999
Vengeance of Bane II: The Redemption Holiday, 1995
Book Four: As the Twig is Bent April, 1998
Endgame, Part One: Silent Night February, 2000
No Man's Land: Fruit of the Earth, Part One August, 1999
Warrior Breed! Annual, 1997
Knightquest: The Crusade: The Cutting Room Floor February, 1994
Prodigal, Part Three: The Vermin Factor November, 1994
Prodigal, Part Eleven: Knight Without Armor January, 1995
Lady's Night February, 1997
Arkham: Devil's Asylum November, 1995
Year One: Questions Multiply The Mystery Annual, 1995
The Killing Book January, 1994
Decision Day March, 1994
House of Dorian June, 1994
Grave Obligations September, 1994
Demonseed February, 1995
Natural Born Loser March, 1995
A Soldiers Story June, 1995
Contagion, Part Two: The Gray Area March, 1996
Contagion, Part Eight: Babylon Falls April, 1996
He Who Hesitates... September, 1994
Prodigal, Part Seven: A Twice Told Tale December, 1994
Legacy, Part One: Progeny of the Demon (Newsstand Edition) August, 1996
The Breaks October, 1997
With a Price On His Head! June, 1998
The Bigger They Are May, 1997
Fear Takes Flight August, 1997
Emerald Allies Holiday, 2000
Mask of the Phantasm January, 1994
Emerald Knights Holiday, 1998