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Issue Title Cover Date
the Dawn of the Hypersapiens December, 2011
Triumph of the Will (Second Printing) November, 2011
Willful December, 2011
Emperor Aquaman, Part Two September, 2011
Higher Consciousness January, 2012
Force of Will January, 2012
Green Lantern: War of the Green Lanterns HC November, 2011
Red Rage January, 2012
Into the Light January, 2012
The Departed February, 2012
Prisoners of War February, 2012
Mob Rule (Manapul Black and White Variant) February, 2012
Kronamania March, 2012
Coseismic February, 2012
The Devil You Know March, 2012
Keeping Secrets (2nd Printing) November, 2011
The Flash Issue 5 (Manapul Sketch Variant) March, 2012
The Other Hero April, 2012
The Other Hero (Reis Variant) April, 2012
The Other Hero (Mahnke Sketch Variant) April, 2012
Locked In April, 2012
Keeping Secrets November, 2011
Triumph of the Will November, 2011
With Blood and Rage November, 2011
Run From Tomorrow Part One: Present Tense November, 2011
War of the Green Lanterns, Part Two (2nd Printing Variant) May, 2011
Fearsome April, 2012
Best Served Cold (Manapul Sketch Variant) April, 2012
Hiding in Plain Sight April, 2011
Now and Forever! October, 2011
Now and Forever! (Kirkham Variant) October, 2011
Games Holiday, 2011
Endings October, 2011
False Hopes July, 2011
False Trails June, 2011
False Start May, 2011
Firepower May, 2012
When Katia Cries--! May, 2012
Rendering Honor May, 2012
The Villain's Journey Prologue (Frank Variant) May, 2012
The Villain's Journey Prologue (Combo Pack) May, 2012
Into the Light (Manapul Sketch Variant) May, 2012
Alpha-War June, 2012
The Speed Force (Manapul Sketch Variant) June, 2012
Into the Firestorm July, 2012
Collision Course June, 2012
Dead Heat July, 2012
Manhunt June, 2012
Alpha-War: Tried and True July, 2012
Blackest Night: Special Edition Issue 1 May, 2012