Denise Wohl Letterer

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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Breaking Point! July, 1977
Catastrophe! January, 1978
Show Me The Way To Go Home March, 1978
Trial By Combat November, 1977
The Eye of the Serpent December, 1977
Panic In New York! February, 1976
A King of Ruins August, 1976
Star-Search: Dust and Demons December, 1976
A Berserker Called Hulk! August, 1977
Only One Can Win! September, 1976
Crucible! January, 1977
The Avengers: Ultron Unleashed Vol. 1 Issue 1 August, 1999
Of Heroes Past and Battles Present! September, 1977
The Affair of the Agent Who Died! February, 1977
Call It Thunder! October, 1977
Look What Thay've Done to Our Lives Ma! April, 1976
Battle With the Baron! January, 1977
Rush Hour to Limbo February, 1977
Countdown to Catastrophe! August, 1977
Marvel Visionaries: Gil Kane TPB vol. 01 August, 2002
The Complete Frank Miller Spider-Man HC March, 2002
A Doom Named Dr. Druid! October, 1977
Armageddon...At Last February, 1978
Confrontation March, 1978
Assualt On A Cold Fortress February, 1977
Spider-Man and Daredevil Special Edition Issue 1 March, 1984
Sanctuary!? March, 1977
The Man Without Fear? November, 1978
Star Wars: Special Edition Issue 0 June, 1999
Slope of Death! September, 1978
The Sound of Armageddon! August, 1978
Essential Ms. Marvel TPB vol. 01 February, 2007
Marvel Masterworks: The Uncanny X-Men TPB vol. 02 Holiday, 2004
Star Wars: Special Edition Issue 0 August, 1999
Essential X-Men TPB vol. 01 May, 2008
Essential X-Men TPB vol. 01 October, 2006
Spider-Man Comics Weekly (UK) Issue 301 November, 1978
Essential The Tomb of Dracula TPB vol. 03 November, 2004
The Sound of Armageddon! August, 1978
The Hunter! October, 1978
When Giants Walk The Earth And Other Stories March, 2006
The Town Tyrant September, 1972
Star Wars (American Entertainment Exclusive) Issue 0 June, 1997
Nova: The Origin of Richard Rider One-Shot March, 2009
Beware the Ravaging Retrievers! June, 1978
Armageddon Now! December, 1977
Intrude in the Sand! November, 1976
Defender of the Realm! October, 1977
The St. Valentine's Day/Avengers Massacre! June, 1978
Ghost Rider Team-Up TPB December, 2007