Dennis 'Denny' O'Neil Writer / Artist / Inker / Editor

Birthplace: St. Louis, MO Website: Composite ? N/A

Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
¡Yo soy Iron Man! April, 2010
... And A Child Shall Destroy Them! 1971
... And Fear Shall Follow! June, 1970
... And So My World Ends! May, 1969
... And Through Him, Save A World ... 1972
... And Through Him, Save A World ... 1972
...And Be A Villain! December, 1971
...And So My World Begins! June, 1972
...And Then You Die! December, 1985
...And Then You Die! (Newsstand Edition) December, 1985
...And Through Him Save A World... April, 1984
...And Through Him Save A World... April, 1984
...And Through Him Save A World... April, 1984
...And Through Him Save A World... April, 1984
...That Small Rain Down Can Rain... July, 1987
...That They May Fear No More! February, 1979
...To Al Capone August, 1998
...were it not that I have bad dreams... January, 1990
¡Jugándose la vida! December, 1983
13 Days to Doom! June, 1969
22-Karat Doom! February, 1983
5-Star Super-Hero Spectacular September, 1977
6 All-New Stories! August, 1990
A Beast Stalks the Badlands 1972
A Box of Music for Savage Studs May, 1983


Issue Title Cover Date
Sagas January, 2010


Issue Title Cover Date
Krull Holiday, 1983
Trumps! February, 1984
The Headhunter: Bigger Game December, 1997
Rogue Hero September, 1987
Heart of Glass June, 1983
Some Kind of Hero! August, 1983
Robin: A Hero Reborn January, 1991
What's Black and White and Red All Over? January, 1982
"This Deadly Secret..." November, 1983
Rich Girls April, 1982
Sea of Troubles May, 1992
The Last Hope June, 1992
Baptism of Fire April, 1986
Lost Boys October, 2000
Lost Boys October, 2000
The Superman Family Issue 182 1977
Stanley's War March, 1985
Resolutions! November, 1983
The Last Man Annual, 1994
Did Robin Die Tonight? June, 1987
Just Deserts August, 1988
Stolen Yesterdays January, 1997
Family Ties Part Three: Vengeance and Vindication September, 1995
Trapped in the Web of Morella August, 1997
Shadows of the Past September, 1983
The Assassin Master November, 1981
A Painless Result of Having Lived December, 1981
Chameleons January, 1982
Passing Strangers! February, 1983
Retribution! May, 1983
Atonement June, 1983
How Long Will A Man Lie In The Earth ‘Ere He Rot? January, 1985
Final Conflict July, 1985
Rome Alone December, 1991
Devil Does Your Dog Bite May, 1996
The Wrath of Set! 1977
Treasure of Lost Lake 1977
Villains In Love! Annual, 1987
Nine Deaths of the Cat May, 1997
Two Cats in One June, 1997
The Great S.P.I.D.E.R. Web Shred September, 1997
Cats in the Night October, 1997
The Huntress: Big Game November, 1997
Nightcrossed January, 1998
Object Relations February, 1998
Shared Mentality March, 1998
Fang and Claw September, 1996
HInts and Allegations Part 1 of 3: Belling the Cat December, 1998
HInts and Allegations Part 2 of 3: No Laughing Matter January, 1999
Hints and Allegations Part 3 of 3: Menage A Trois February, 1999


Issue Title Cover Date
Lobo: Pacto con el Diablo (1996) [ESP] Issue 1 July, 1996