Dwayne McDuffie Writer / Penciller / Editor

Birthplace: Detroit, MI Website: http://www.dwaynemcduffie.com/
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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
(Not Just) Knee Deep April, 1993
1989 The Year in Review Holiday, 1990
1990-The Year In Review Holiday, 1991
75 Jahre Abenteuer im Zeitraffer November, 2016
A Bird in the Hand May, 1994
A Brief Tangent February, 2008
A Hero's Welcome (New Printing) September, 2009
A Hero's Welcome Holiday, 1996
A Restoration Comedy! May, 1989
A World Of Pain(t) Holiday, 1997
Acts of Vengeance Crossovers August, 2011
Acts of Vengeance Crossovers (John Byrne Cover) Holiday, 2011
Acts of Vengeance! (Direct Market - Byrne Cover) February, 2011
Acts of Vengeance! February, 2011
After Worlds Collide August, 1994
Ain't No Such Thing as Superman August, 1994
America Eats Her Young April, 1993
America Eats Her Young (Bagged Collector's Edition) April, 1993
And All Fashionable Vices Pass For Virtues June, 1993
And We Are Not Saved! May, 1993
Angry Black Man (Platinum Edition) April, 1993
Angry Black Man (Bagged Collector's Edition) April, 1993
Angry Black Man April, 1993
Angry Black Man (Collector's Edition) April, 1993
Apostrophe August, 1995


Issue Title Cover Date
The Punisher Vol. 2 Issue Annual 06 Annual, 1993


Issue Title Cover Date
One For The Kids September, 1994
False Impressions November, 1994
Dreamgirlz December, 1994
Dusk February, 1995
The Dread Chihuahuas Of Doom April, 1995
Reigning Rats and Dogs June, 1995
Tattletale Hearts July, 1995
Two Tickets To Paradise August, 1995
Paris Island Is Burning September, 1995
Snow July, 1995
Last Licks October, 1995
Cape Fear January, 1996
Full Yellow Jacket February, 1996
Bee, My Love March, 1996
Blame it on Picasso April, 1996
Rorschach Test February, 1995
Loose Lips March, 1995
Glass Houses July, 1995
Up In Smoke September, 1995
Some Like It Not! January, 1995
The Story So Far... May, 2001
Places Left Unfinished at the Time of Creation September, 2001
Snow (Banned cover) July, 1995
These Little Town Blues October, 1994
A Dead Man Tells His Tale August, 1996
My Name Is Holocaust Issue 1 May, 1995
Embers June, 1995
My Name Is Holocaust Issue 3 July, 1995
Smoke August, 1995
Dust September, 1995
Unnatural Conclusions April, 1995
Hard Times March, 1995
The Fate of the Earth April, 1996
Trial By Fire Holiday, 2000
Some Dissembly Required January, 1995
Rebirth of the Cool May, 2009
The Mission April, 1995
Between a Mission and a Hot Place May, 1995
Melon In Season August, 1995
Nothing's Written In Stone September, 1995
You Can't Tell The Difference In The Dark October, 1995
The Road to Utopia July, 1995
Story By Starlight June, 1995
A Contract with Dog March, 1995
Final Cut February, 1995
Red Death, Part 3: Wheep Wheep January, 1995
Red Death, Part 1: The Antartic Snowjob! November, 1994
Red Death, Part 2: Shoot the Moon December, 1994
We Belong Dead May, 1994
Closure October, 1996