Emerson Miranda Letterer

Birthplace: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Website: http://www.comicraft.com/craftsmen/teamm.html#em
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Issue Title Cover Date
A Tale of Two Mutants February, 1999
Suddenly... Sympira! Holiday, 1998
The Moon is an Awful Place to Die Hard! February, 1999
Mother's Day October, 1997
So Whatever Happened to Power Girl? November, 1997
Busted! December, 1997
Cryptic Writings of Megadeth Vol. 1 Issue 1 August, 1997
Magneto: Rogue Nation TPB March, 2002
Suddenly... Sympira! Holiday, 1998
The Gryphon Agenda October, 1998
...By The Sword December, 1998
Thieves in the Night December, 1997
The Man of Steal February, 1999
A Day at the Circus! November, 1997
You Want Me to Do What?! June, 1998
The Man of Steal February, 1999
The Man of Steal February, 1999
The Man of Steal February, 1999
Not Dead Yet December, 1998
The Man of Steal February, 1999
The Man of Steal February, 1999
Operation: Rescue Weasel or That Wacky Doctor Game! February, 1997
Deadpool Classic TPB vol. 03 November, 2009
Challenges August, 1998
Bodyguards September, 1998
Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty February, 2011
Payback, Part 1: Karmic Relief July, 1998
Dead Reckoning, Part 2: 2nd Stringers & Dead Ringers January, 1999
Dead Reckoning, Part 3: What the World Needs Now... February, 1999
No Surrender August, 1997
Some Things Hurt More Than Cars and Girls September, 1997
Rites of Passage October, 1997
Search... June, 1998
...and Destroy! July, 1998
Deadpool Classic TPB vol. 04 January, 2011
Baby's First Deadpool Book Vol. 1 Issue 1 December, 1998
Loss of Blood April, 1997
Ashes of My Soul May, 1997
Faultlines June, 1997
Wallow August, 1997
A Kind Face September, 1997
Doghead & Spiked Tails October, 1997
The Last Temptation, Part One: Rain November, 1997
Down Among the Dead Men December, 1997
The Secret Fire January, 1998
Wedding of the Ghost Rider February, 1998
Finale! March, 2007
Finale! March, 2007
Deadpool Classic TPB vol. 02 April, 2009
Purgatory Part 1: The Harvest November, 1998