Fabian Nicieza Writer / Artist / Penciller / Editor

Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Argentina
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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
...And Quacks Like a Duck... October, 1993
't Bekende liedje Holiday, 1993
"...de Morlocks veroveren Manhattan" Holiday, 1993
"...voor onze kinderen!" Holiday, 1994
"Het laatste Morlockverhaal!" Holiday, 1993
"The Trouble With ..." December, 1988
"Vallen en opstaan" Holiday, 1993
#17-14 December, 2001
1990-The Year In Review Holiday, 1991
1991-The Year in Review March, 1991
7 Days of Death May, 2012
7 Days of Death, Part One: Little Triggers July, 2011
7 Days of Death, Part Three: The Bigger Picture September, 2011
7 Days of Death, Part Two: It's Not Paranoia... August, 2011
A Betrayal of Hope (Newsstand Edition) June, 1991
A Betrayal of Hope June, 1991
A Blind Eye Sees Red March, 2013
A Cure for the Common Cold January, 1998
A Day at the Circus/Barriers/The Killing Ground/Gods R'Us December, 1989
A Force To Be Reckoned With (Bagged with Cable Card) August, 1991
A Force To Be Reckoned With (Bagged with X-Force Team Card) August, 1991
A Force To Be Reckoned With August, 1991
A Force To Be Reckoned With (2nd Printing) August, 1991
A Force To Be Reckoned With (Bagged with Sunspot/Gideon Card) August, 1991
A Force To Be Reckoned With (Bagged with Shatterstar Card) August, 1991


Issue Title Cover Date
X-Flies Special Issue 1 September, 1995
Los Vengadores / Thunderbolts September, 2014


Issue Title Cover Date
One Dragon on the Ground September, 1991
Why is the Sky Blue? (And Other Questions Kids Ask Their Parents) January, 1996
The Big Splice December, 1991
Tough Times January, 1992
Tough Measures February, 1992
Shadow of the Infinite November, 1992
Powderkeg December, 1992
Explosion! January, 1993
The Ashes Fall February, 1993
The Crazy 8! March, 1993
The Cutting Room April, 1993
Facing It May, 1993
Hidden Depths Part 1: A Brightly Shining Soul June, 1993
Junior Achievement December, 1995
True believers / In our daily lives... / Interludes / Passing the torch / In God we trust... May, 1996
Leprechaun Job! April, 1991
Hell is Where the Heart Is November, 1993
Paradise Lost June, 1993
Highway to Heaven December, 1993
Heaven's Gate January, 1994
Storm Clouds April, 1993
Strange Encounters May, 1993
T.V.F.X.N.X.S. May, 1991
ALF Vol. 1 Issue 42 June, 1991
Alf´s X-Cellent Adventure August, 1991
Making a good first Depression! September, 1991
Shall we Dense? October, 1991
Th-Th-Th-That´s Alf, Folks! 1 of 4 November, 1991
Th-Th-Th-That´s Alf, Folks! 2 of 4 December, 1991
Th-Th-Th-That´s Alf, Folks! 3 of 4 January, 1992
A World Of Pain(t) Holiday, 1997
Raw, Uncooked Justice! Holiday, 1997
Warbride Revisited November, 1992
Across the Border October, 1992
Born Again September, 1992
TekWorld TPB February, 1994
Dancin' in the Dark July, 1993
Devil in the Dark August, 1993
Dark Victory September, 1993
Found Souls October, 1993
Ferment March, 1991
Double Jeopardy August, 1991
Hour of the Dragon November, 1991
Fatal Reunion December, 1992
Tek War January, 1993
Moonkill February, 1993
SpaceJack March, 1993
Welcome Back, Cardigan April, 1993
Prison Bound May, 1993
Fugitives June, 1993


Issue Title Cover Date
Lady Action Special one-shot (Cover B) December, 2009