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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
The Generation Gap January, 1999
Deep Down Below the Surface October, 2000
Yeah--This is a Face Only a Mother Could Love... December, 1997
When the Reign Comes December, 1997
Control Freak May, 2000
Deep Cover July, 2000
One in a Million September, 2000
Something Old, Something New October, 2000
Prodigal Son November, 2000
Inferno Issue 1 October, 1997
Inferno Issue 2 November, 1997
Inferno Issue 3 January, 1998
Inferno Issue 4 February, 1998
Time Out! September, 1998
Enemies of Science June, 1999
Small Time January, 2005
Small Time January, 2005
Dawn of the Dark Lord May, 1997
Let the Call Go Forth! June, 1997
Picking Up the Pieces August, 1997
We Rann All Night October, 2000
Against the Dying of the Light October, 2000
Darkness Visible October, 2000
Full Circle October, 2000
Missing Pieces October, 2000
Superboy of Infinite Worlds April, 1999
The Tenants of Time June, 1997
Trouble Squared July, 1997
The Great Carlini August, 1997
The Lost Soul September, 1997
The Gods Must Be Crazy! October, 1997
Windshear November, 1997
With Friends Like These... January, 1998
CM3 April, 1998
The Monster Society of Evil, Part One May, 1998
Requital June, 1998
Fail Safe July, 1998
Death Warrant August, 1998
Status Quo September, 1998
Children of Thunder October, 1998
Endgame March, 1999
Friends in High Places January, 1999
A Child of Thunder, A Child of Hate December, 1998
Eat the Poor September, 1999
Double-Edged Sword July, 1998
The Flying Game October, 1998
A House Divided April, 1999
The Arrow and the Bat, Part 3: The Failure May, 2000
The Arrow and the Bat, Part 4: Pursued June, 2000
The Arrow and the Bat, Part 5: Epiphany July, 2000