Gary Friedrich Writer / Penciller / Editor

Birthplace: Jackson, Missouri Website: Composite ? N/A
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Issue Title Cover Date
--The End of the Road! November, 1973
... Let All Men Bring Together June, 1975
...And Men Shall Call Him Sting-Ray! April, 1975
...The Hordes of Hell! February, 1973
...Till the last man shall fall! April, 1972
..Den letzten Frankenstein! Holiday, 1974
"A Hero Unmasked." January, 1977
"Murder!" Cries Man-Bull! August, 1971
A Day in the Life September, 1969
A Fluttering of Wings Most Foul! September, 1978
A legend called... Man-Mountain McCoy! January, 1971
A Legend Reborn! September, 1973
A Life On The Line! October, 1970
A Man For All Centuries October, 1975
A Refuge Divided! Annual, 1968
A Refuge Divided! October, 1975
A Thunder of War Drums May, 1972
A Walk With The Werewolf July, 1975
A Woman Possessed! September, 1973
A Woman Possessed! - Who Is...Phantom Rider? February, 1993
All the Faces of Fear April, 1974
Amazing Adventures Issue 3 November, 1970
Amazing Adventures Issue 7 June, 1980
An odyssey of the mind! June, 1977
And Behind The Hordes Of Hydra... March, 1972


Issue Title Cover Date
This World Not His Own! March, 1976
That Zo Might Live, A Galaxy Must Die August, 1969


Issue Title Cover Date
Not Brand Echh Issue 1 August, 1967
Big, Batty Love and Hisses Issue! February, 1968
The Bad Guys Win! November, 1967
Guardians of the Galaxy January, 1969