Gaspar Saladino Artist / Letterer

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA Composite ? N/A

Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Even A Superman Dies! April, 1970
Puzzle Of The Wild World! May, 1970
The Self-Destruct Superman July, 1970
Strange Sports Stories Issue 2 1973
Gridiron Knightmare! 1974
Strange Sports Stories Issue 4 1974
Strange Sports Stories Issue 5 1974
Strange Sports Stories Issue 6 1974
This Road To War! February, 1987
Red Raven, Red Raven...! February, 1975
The Dictator Of Earth! October, 1969
The Deadly Designs Of The Disruptor! February, 1973
Countdown To Chaos! March, 1973
To Sow the Seeds of Death's Day! April, 1975
Jackal, Jackal... Who's Got The Jackal? September, 1975
Photon Is Another Name For...? August, 1977
...There Lives a Green Goliath July, 1975
Silent Night...Deadly Night March, 1975
More or Less... the Return of the Molecule Man! / The Ashes of the Sun / The Daughter Also Rises / The War Within Annual, 1976
Kraken Kills! December, 1976
Divide... and Conquer October, 1973
The Monarch And The Man-Ape! July, 1973
Only the Swamp Survives! July, 1981
The Yesterday Connection January, 1975
The Man's Name Appears To Be... Mysterio! February, 1975
The Power And The People May, 1984
Mandarin and the Unicorn: Double-Death! May, 1973
Death Knells Over Detroit! August, 1973
Enter: Dr. Spectrum October, 1973
The Cutting Edge of Death! December, 1973
Battle Royal! February, 1974
Who Shall Stop...Ultimo? September, 1974
Battle: Tooth and Yellow Claw! November, 1974
Convention of Fear! January, 1975
Slave To the Power Imperious! June, 1975
War of the Mind-Dragons! December, 1975
The Rage of the Red Ghost! February, 1976
The Gentleman's Name Is Blizzard! May, 1976
Breakout! October, 1976
At the Mercy of the Mandarin! June, 1977
Run For the Money! October, 1977
Triad! November, 1977
The Horn of the Unicorn! August, 1978
The Menace of...Arsenal! September, 1978
Betrayal! October, 1978
The Punisher Strikes Twice! (Punisher ¬°Ataca dos veces!) September, 2008
The Crime Wave Breaks! February, 1973
The Measure of a Man! March, 1973
If He Loseth His Soul! May, 1973
... If He Loseth His Soul! (UK Edition) May, 1973


Issue Title Cover Date
Book Two: A Choice of Dooms October, 1983
New Deal July, 1990
House of Cards September, 1990
Between Two Dooms! 1967
The Flying Batman November, 1949
Indestructible Creatures of Nightmare Island! November, 1965
The Plague That Struck The Justice League! May, 1966
The Bridge Between Earths! September, 1966
Threat of the True-or-False Sorceror! November, 1966
The Lord of Time Attacks the 20th Century! December, 1966
Z -- As in Zatanna -- And Zero Hour! February, 1967
Missing in Action -- 5 Justice Leaguers March, 1967
Secret Behind the Stolen Super-Weapons May, 1967
History-Making Crimes of the Royal Flush Gang June, 1967
Man, Thy Name is -- Brother! November, 1967
Thicker Than Water April, 1990
Sick at Heart May, 1990
New Tricks August, 1990
Sundays are Different September, 1990
The Undiscovered Country... December, 1990
Boy's Games February, 1991
Man's Work January, 1991
The Hanged Man March, 1991
The Magus April, 1991
Fallen Women November, 1992
Nativity Infernal December, 1992
She's Buying a Stairway to Heaven January, 1993
Adventure Comics Vol. 1 Issue 470 April, 1980
Vertigo Jam Issue 1 August, 1993
Small Time January, 2005
Gambit April, 1987
Paxis Reborn September, 1993
Picking Up the Pieces August, 1997
Speed Force Issue 1 November, 1997
God's Shadow, Chapter 1: The Cloud December, 1996
God's Shadow, Chapter 2: Babbling in Ishtik January, 1997
God's Shadow, Chapter 3: The Veil of Illusion February, 1997
God's Shadow, Chapter 4: Without Him March, 1997
Blood and Ink July, 1993
Skin and Bone August, 1993
Body and Soul September, 1993
Dissolve and Combine October, 1993
Introducing Outburst! January, 1999
Retribution! Holiday, 1975
Retribution! Holiday, 1975
G.I. Combat Issue 280 November, 1985
The Hour of the Dragon September, 1974
Conan Bound December, 1974
Treasure of the Sleeping Dragon July, 1986
Adventure Comics Vol. 1 Issue 467 January, 1980