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Issue Title Cover Date
The Incredible Hulk Megazine Issue 1 November, 1996
Duel A Dark Lord! February, 1981
Definitive Collection September, 2004
Definitive Collection September, 2004
Blind Justice! May, 1984
Death Probe March, 1981
Lo, the Moons of Yavin! November, 1977
The Dreams of Cody Sunn-Childe! April, 1981
The Eternals Vol. 1 TPB vol. 01 June, 2008
Droid World! May, 1981
Doctor Strange/Silver Dagger Special Edition Issue 1 March, 1983
Dazzler February, 1980
Run For Your Life! March, 1980
Decisions February, 1993
The Man Behind The Mask! September, 1980
The Man Behind the Mask! Holiday, 1980
Between Hammer and Anvil! December, 1974
There's a Gremlin in the Works! May, 1975
The Man Who Came Down on a Rainbow! August, 1975
The Doctor's Name Is... Samson! November, 1975
Warfare in Wonderland! January, 1976
The Abomination Proclamation February, 1976
The Shangri-La Syndrome! April, 1976
Havoc at the Heart of the Atom August, 1976
Alone Against the Defenders! January, 1977
You Just Don't Quarrel With The Quintronic Man! July, 1977
The Jack of Hearts is Wild! August, 1977
The Circus of Lost Souls! November, 1977
The Rhino Doesn't Stop Here Anymore December, 1977
The Song of Red Sonja and Other Stories February, 2004
Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne TPB vol. 02 May, 2004
The Eternals Vol. 1 Omnibus June, 2006
Spider-Man Visionaries: Roger Stern TPB April, 2007
Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller HC vol. 01 Holiday, 2001
Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller HC vol. 02 Holiday, 2001
Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller HC vol. 03 Holiday, 2001
The Eternals Vol. 1 TPB vol. 02 September, 2008
Spider-Man/Red Sonja TPB September, 2008
The Man Behind the Mask! September, 1980
Detective Comics Vol. 1 Issue 493 August, 1980
Invasion Of The Body Changers! May, 1979
The Ultimate Cosmic Experience! January, 1978
The House That Haunted Batman! 1978
Elektra by Frank Miller Omnibus September, 2008
Target X-Men Classic TPB Holiday, 2006
Adventure Comics Vol. 1 Issue 460 1978
From The Ashes... Holiday, 1993
From The Ashes... March, 1991
Kitty's Fairy Tale March, 1991
Strange Tales March, 2008