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Issue Title Cover Date
The Rookie November, 2008
There's Something Awful on Muir Island! September, 1979
The Fate of the Phoenix! September, 1980
Gangwar March, 1992
Murder by Spider November, 2000
The Many Armors of Iron Man February, 2008
The Many Armors of Iron Man November, 1992
100 Page Monster Issue Celebrating T'Challa's 35th Anniversary! December, 2001
New Mutants Classic TPB vol. 04 March, 2009
Listen -- Stop Me If You've Heard It -- But This One Will Kill You! July, 1979
X-Men Issue 1 Holiday, 1992
X-Men Issue 3 Holiday, 1992
Photon Is Another Name For...? August, 1977
First Blood March, 1982
Night Screams! July, 1982
Beyond the Farthest Star October, 1982
Professor Xavier is a Jerk! April, 1983
Romances October, 1983
Sanction January, 1984
Wolverine by Claremont & Miller March, 2009
He'll Never Make Me Cry July, 1984
Public Enemy! September, 1984
Wraithkill! November, 1984
Legacy of the Lost December, 1984
Two Girls Out To Have Fun! January, 1985
From The Ashes... March, 1991
The Man Behind The Mask! September, 1980
Rage of the Rajah! February, 1977
Day of the Dark Angel! November, 1977
Let Fly These Aged Wings! January, 1982
The Hero Within! April, 1980
Power Pack Classic TPB vol. 01 June, 2009
Blood Stains On Virgin Snow! November, 1974
There Are Serpents Lurking In Paradise March, 1975
Thorns in the Flesh, Thorns in the Mind May, 1975
And All our Past Decades Have Seen Revolutions! July, 1975
Daredevil February, 1989
Daredevil February, 1989
Will the Last One to Leave Mercury Please Close the Planet? December, 1978
Call Him... Cottonmouth! June, 1974
I, Magneto... October, 1981
Giant-Size Spider-Man Issue 1 July, 1974
Panther's Rage September, 1973
Death Regiments Beneath Wakanda November, 1973
King Cadaver is Dead and Living in Wakanda! July, 1974
Elektra by Frank Miller Omnibus September, 2008
A Cold Knight's Frenzy August, 1974
A Cold Knight's Frenzy August, 1974
Fantastic Four (1961) Vol. 1 Issue Annual 01 Annual, 1963
Fantastic Four (1961) Vol. 1 Issue Annual 02 Annual, 1964