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Issue Title Cover Date
From the Ashes May, 1990
40 Jahre Superman January, 1979
Deadly Genesis! May, 1975
Flashback! June, 1978
Heroes July, 1983
Sun-Stroke! December, 1978
Sweet Temptation! April, 1983
A New Goblin Fall, 2008
July 4, 1978... October, 1978
Starfire Rising! December, 1981
Coffin In The Clouds February, 1982
Hello, Bespin, Good-Bye! March, 1982
Fantastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne TPB vol. 05 December, 2005
De Duivel van de vergeten Stad August, 1981
The Devil in New York! September, 1976
Olympia! November, 1976
Adventure Comics Vol. 1 Issue 469 March, 1980
Night of the Collector January, 1974
Nazi "X"! July, 1977
The Hammer and the Hellfire! April, 1973
The Demon Brigade!! July, 1973
A Galaxy Consumed! January, 1974
Behold! The Land of Doom! February, 1974
Marked for Murder! July, 1979
In the Hands of Bullseye September, 1979
Hunters November, 1981
Hunters February, 2003
Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller TPB vol. 03 November, 2001
When the Servitor Commands! December, 1975
The Temple at the End of Time! March, 1976
The Flame and the Hammer! May, 1976
There Shall Come... Revolution! June, 1976
The Throne and the Fury! July, 1976
If Asgard Should Perish...! August, 1976
To Hela and Back September, 1976
A Dragon at the Gates! October, 1976
A Dragon at the Gates! October, 1976
Chaos in the Kingdom of the Trolls November, 1976
Lo, the Quest Begins! January, 1977
Lurker in the Dark! February, 1977
Death, Thou Shalt Die! March, 1977
If the Stars be made of Stone! April, 1977
Escape into Oblivion! May, 1977
The Vicious and the Valiant June, 1977
The Wall Around the World! July, 1977
Even An Immortal Can Die! August, 1977
Holocaust and Homecoming! September, 1977
Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me! October, 1977
... So Falls the Realm Eternal! December, 1977
Once More, To Midgard! January, 1978