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Issue Title Cover Date
Acclaim Reader Issue 1 Holiday, 1997


Issue Title Cover Date
Riot Gear, Part One: Sacrifice March, 1995
Whose Planet is it Anyway?. Part Two September, 1995
Unfinished Business, Part Two February, 1995
Building the Perfect Beast, Part One March, 1995
Mystery Hole March, 1995
Outlaws of the Lost Land, Part Two: Shawnee Silver March, 1996
The Wolfbridge Affair, Part Two: Pawns March, 1995
The Wolfbridge Affair, Part Three: Knight Moves March, 1995
The Wolfbridge Affair, Part Four: Checkmate March, 1995
Runaway August, 1996
Raw, Uncooked Justice! Holiday, 1997
Chance Enounter (Gold) November, 1994
Chance Encounter November, 1994
Street Life July, 1996
For Vengeance Sake June, 1996
Dire Streets May, 1996
Picking Up the Pieces April, 1996
Kandi Kane the Saturday Night Special August, 1996
Stories By Poe Holiday, 1997
Acts of God January, 1998
Kick the Can May, 1997
Kick the Can (Retailer Review Copy) January, 1997
Kick the Can (Variant Cover) May, 1997
Magnus Robot Fighter Vol. 1 Issue 55 October, 1995
Deadside March, 1997
Deadside (Variant Cover edition) March, 1997
Deadside Part Two April, 1997
Deadside Part Three May, 1997
Deadside Part Four June, 1997
Nothing Is True Part One July, 1997
Nothing Is True Part One (Retailer Review) July, 1997
Nothing Is True Part Two August, 1997
Nothing Is True Part Three September, 1997
Nothing Is True Part Four October, 1997
Rebirth February, 1999
Rebirth (Glow In The Dark) February, 1999
Rebirth March, 1999
Last Stand March, 1996
The House of the Seven Gables Holiday, 1997
Quantum and Woody: The Complete Classic Omnibus Holiday, 2014
Magic Bullet November, 1996
Terminal Bar October, 1996
The Wrong Man December, 1996
Losses Unknown January, 1997
Whiskey Dreams November, 1996
The Brotherhood of Cain December, 1996
Love & Bullets February, 1997
Charly's War January, 1997
Lord Jim Holiday, 1997
Shadowman by Garth Ennis & Ashley Wood Holiday, 2016