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Issue Title Cover Date
Tales of the Full Moon September, 2014
Imhotep's Transformation April, 2008
Tutankhamun April, 2009
The Evil Mummies April, 2010
The Anger of the Great Sphinx March, 2012
Adventure Down Under October, 2009
Running Scared March, 2012
Valley of the Exiles May, 2013
Spirou & Fantasio in Moscow April, 2014
Spirou & Fantasio in New York October, 2010
On the Edge of Life July, 2007
The Time Spiral January, 2008
The Prey and the Ghost July, 2008
Daughter of the Wind July, 2009
The Morning of the World June, 2011
The Curious Trio July, 2012
The Devil's Organ July, 2013
The Forge of Vulcan May, 2014
The last Round March, 2013
Largo Winch TPB vol. 15 March, 2014
The Scorpion Issue 1 August, 2008
The Scorpion Issue 1 August, 2008