Irving 'Irv' Watanabe Artist / Penciller / Inker / Letterer / Editor Composite ? N/A

Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
Superhero Book of Goodies Issue 2 April, 1977
Daredevil Issue 109 April, 1954
Daredevil Issue 112 July, 1954


Issue Title Cover Date
Daredevil Issue 109 April, 1954
Daredevil Issue 112 July, 1954
Der unglaubliche Hulk: Entfesselt December, 2015


Issue Title Cover Date
Featuring a Classic Tale by Harlan Ellison January, 1982


Issue Title Cover Date
Hell Hath No Fury! October, 1980
Conjure Night! June, 1978
Rage of the Rajah! February, 1977
A Coffin For Spider-Man September, 1981
The New Iron Man Meets the Angel! October, 1975
Midnite On Murder Mountain! October, 1975
Burn, Hero--Burn! November, 1976
Then There Came a War! January, 1978
And, In the End... February, 1978
Growing Pains! March, 1978
Moonrise! April, 1978
Right Between the Eons! January, 1976
Captain America's Love Story June, 1976
Captain America's Love Story (UK Edition) June, 1976
Dawn's Early Light! August, 1976
Dawn's Early Light! (UK Edition) August, 1976
Avengers Assemble! August, 1976
Nightmare in New Orleans! October, 1976
Captain America Vol. 1 Issue 220 (UK Edition) April, 1978
Monumental Menace! (UK Edition) June, 1978
Home is the Hero! November, 1976
The Death-Ship Sails the Stars! November, 1975
And Along Came... Ms. Marvel! March, 1978
Minute of Madness -- Dark Day of Doom! April, 1978
The Day the Thunder Failed! June, 1978
Eve of Destruction! June, 1981
Deadly Anniversary! (UK Edition) May, 1981
A Hammer in Hades! January, 1979
This Hammer Lost! March, 1979
Mayhem Under Manhattan! August, 1979
Assault on Olympia! September, 1979
Ring Around the Red Bull! December, 1979
When Gods Have Joined Together! January, 1980
New Asgards for Old! April, 1980
The Price -- and the Pride! May, 1980
Fury of the Firelord! April, 1981
1980 March, 2010
Spider-Man...or Spider-Clone? November, 1994
Who's Been Sleeping in My Grave? February, 1980
The Clock of Shattered Time July, 1976
The Death Seed! October, 1976
Warriors Three! March, 1979
The Mech Monster May, 1979
Into the Lair of Demons June, 1979
Should Heroes Fail... March, 1980
The Insider! April, 1980
Death of Innocence May, 1980
Moon-Traps And Paradise January, 1979
The King Once More June, 1979
Armageddon at the Aleph! October, 1975


Issue Title Cover Date
Space-Mimic! November, 1979
Jaws 2 Holiday, 1978
Where Walk the Gods December, 1979
Xanadu February, 1980
The Liberty Legion Busts Loose February, 1979
Fury at 5000 Fathoms! February, 1978
Big Monster on Campus! August, 1978
Flesh May Wither...and Stone May Crumble January, 1978
A Refuge Divided! October, 1975
Star Wars 2: World of Fire Holiday, 1982
Time Bandits Issue 1 February, 1982
Amazing Adventures Issue 8 July, 1980
Amazing Adventures Issue 11 October, 1980
Amazing Adventures Issue 2 January, 1980
Amazing Adventures Issue 6 May, 1980
Reflections In a Crimson Eye! January, 1976
The Doom Called Shatterstar! April, 1976
Deathsong December, 1975
The Crushing Conquer-Lord! June, 1976
I Think We're All Bozos In This Book! April, 1976
Exile to Oblivion! August, 1976
Death On The Bridge To Heaven! January, 1977
Does Anyone Remember... The Hijacker!? February, 1977
My Sweetheart-- My Killer! September, 1977
Holocaust On Hydra Island July, 1968
The Phantom Eagle September, 1968
Giant-Size Spider-Woman Vol. 1 Issue 1 September, 2005
..And SHIELD Shall Follow! May, 1976
Silver Charity, Sudden Death July, 1978
Hell In Helium November, 1977
Dejah Thoris Lives: Air Pirates Of Mars, Chapter 7 December, 1977
When Shatters The Gateway To Hell April, 1976
The Conquest Of Claw June, 1976
The Monster and the Mystic! May, 1977
Who Dares Defy ... The Demi-Men? October, 1968
Enter the Eternal Ice-World of Box! April, 1977
Cat and Mouse June, 1976
Marvel Masterworks: Captain Marvel HC vol. 01 Holiday, 2005
The Chaos Wars! July, 1980
Captain America Versus the Energy Drainers Holiday, 1980
The battle of the bulge! / Gary and Dick up front! Holiday, 1968
The battle of the bulge! / Gary and Dick up front! Holiday, 1968
Whodunit! October, 1981
A Refuge Divided! Annual, 1968
Black Goliath February, 1976
Women of Marvel TPB vol. 02 Holiday, 2007
While the World gently weeps February, 1977
Adrift! October, 1979
Revenge of the Red Skull! February, 1977
S.H.I.E.L.D. Strikes Out! February, 1977