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Issue Contributions


Issue Title Cover Date
"Starfall Part 6: The Dragon Must Die" December, 2016
A Baby's Work is Never Done September, 2005
A Circus Mind That's Running Round November, 2008
A Comic Adventure April, 1999
A Dream I Had: Part One: Shepherd's Pie November, 1994
Aesop's Ark Issue 1 July, 2012
Aesop's Ark Issue 2 August, 2012
Aesop's Ark Issue 3 October, 2012
Alison Dare & the Heart of the Maiden Issue 1 January, 2002
Alison Dare & the Heart of the Maiden Issue 2 February, 2002
Alison Dare and the Arabian Knights April, 2001
Alison Dare and the Mummy Child September, 2001
Anger Management May, 2005
Archie and Friends Issue 153 May, 2011
Archie Issue 640 February, 2013
Artists Respond January, 2002
Atlantis Attacked! December, 2010
Attack of the Green Lantern Corps November, 2007
Aventures Sans Limite! July, 2012
Back in Metropolis June, 2008
Bad Girls! March, 2007
Bart Simpsons Zombie Show October, 2015
Batman Arkham: Joker's Daughter 2017
Batman Arkham: Mister Freeze 2017
Batman versus the Yeti! October, 2009


Issue Title Cover Date
Apple Collection Uno May, 2008
A Dream I Had: Part One: Shepherd's Pie November, 1994
The Transfer Student October, 2003
Apple Collection Uno (2nd Printing) May, 2010
Yo Gabba Gabba: Comic Book Time! OGN HC March, 2011
Celebration (B) March, 2006
Celebration March, 2006
Chronicles of the Grim Peddler Vol. 01 June, 2008
Winter's Close March, 2000
Indian Summer Summer, 2000
True Patriot Presents November, 2016


Issue Title Cover Date
A Comic Adventure April, 1999