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Issue Title Cover Date
Along Came a Drider February, 2002
Stand By Your Clan May, 2002
The Hacktrix June, 2002
For Those About to Hack July, 2002
I Know What You Role-Played Last Summer August, 2002
Four Angry Men September, 2002
You Are What You Defeat October, 2002
Hackburger Hill January, 1999
Don't Fear the Reaper May, 1999
One Ring to Fool Them All January, 2001
It's a Wonderful Afterlife February, 2001
The Spy That Hacked Me March, 2001
Speak Easy & Carry a Big Stick April, 2001
Puttin' on the Crits May, 2001
I Dream of Djinni June, 2001
The Scrying Game July, 2001
May All Your Hits Be Crits August, 2001
Fight Fire With Fireballs September, 2001
Happy Entrails To You October, 2001
Dice Station Zero December, 2001
Garweeze Wurld Is Not Enough January, 2002
Miami Dice March, 2002
Can't Buy Me Hack August, 2003
Crutch Ado About Nothing November, 2002
Attack of the 50 Foot Gamer May, 2003
Nice Knight for a Hanging June, 2003
Reservoir Dawgs January, 2004
Hack In Space June, 1998
Heroes of the HackLeague May, 1998
Home Is Where You Hang Yer Dice Bag Holiday, 1998
Opportunity Knocks!! August, 1998
Dice Follies! September, 1998
Hackzilla October, 1998
Tales From Hog Wallers June, 1999
Wild Wild Hack July, 1999
Of Dice and Men August, 1999
Death Awaits September, 1999
Hackmaster of Puppets October, 1999
Hack Rogers December, 1999
The Game Must Go On January, 2000
99 Gold Dubloons March, 2000
A Hack In Time Slays Nine April, 2000
Wasted Day And Wasted Knights May, 2000
Because I'm The GM! June, 2000
Buddy, Can You Spare A Cure? July, 2000
Hack And Roll All Nite August, 2000
Apocalypse Drow October, 2000
The Six Million Hit-Point Man November, 2000
15 Orcs on a Dead Dwarf's Chest November, 1999
We've Not Yet Begun to Fight December, 2000