Jade Moede Artist / Inker / Colorist / Letterer

Website: http://www.jadepaint.com/
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Issue Title Cover Date
The Human Factor, Part One December, 1995
The Human Factor, Part Two December, 1995
Black Star January, 1996
Jailbreak January, 1996
Solar Squad February, 1996
First Contact February, 1996
The Rat November, 1993
Empirical Dynasty December, 1993
Who Killed the Weaponeer? February, 1994
The Hunter: The Hunted April, 1994
The Blood is the Life October, 1995
Lazarus Rising October, 1995
Black Desert Rose January, 1994
Chop Shop September, 1995
Resuscitation December, 1994
Challenge January, 1995
Ties That Bind February, 1995
Riot Gear, Part One: Sacrifice March, 1995
Riot Gear, Part Two: Revenge April, 1995
Desert Storm May, 1995
And in the End... June, 1995
The Trouble with Midnight January, 1994
Midnight's Choice February, 1994
Send in the Armorines! April, 1994
Ghosts May, 1994
Bad Omen, Part Two: Hard Decisions June, 1994
Bad Omen, Part Four: H.A.R.D. Retribution August, 1994
Chokehold October, 1994
Ironhead, Ironheart December, 1994
That's Earl, Brother February, 1995
Generation Gap, Part One March, 1995
Generation Gap, Part Two: Payback April, 1995
Generation Gap, Part Three: Bad Son Rising May, 1995
Generation Gap, Part Four: Over the Top June, 1995
Trouble Below October, 1992
Inside the Metal Mind November, 1992
Probes December, 1992
Hit or Kiss January, 1993
Hope and Glory June, 1995
Here and Now December, 1995
Street Smarts November, 1995
Punx Vol. 1 Issue 2 December, 1995
Punx Vol. 1 Issue 3 January, 1996
The White Goddess, Part One November, 1995
Island of Nazi Women, Part Two: The Resurrection January, 1996
Outlaws of the Lost Land, Part One February, 1996
Son of Stone May, 1996
Son of Stone, Part Two May, 1996
The Wolfbridge Affair, Part One: Opening Gambit March, 1995
The Vengeance Trail, Part Three: Chasing Dreams February, 1995